Old Friends

Hi :)

Anytime I look in here, I see old friends’ names from my blog circle and I smile & smile. Blogging was once so very essential, and it moved back in the priority list to make way for other hobbies, and then for other important things, but the fact remains I *loved* my ‘blog circle’, for lack of another term.

I have had very special friends here, people who represent in every important way the kind of people I seek in my life. Kind, intelligent, thoughtful, creative people, who invested in these circles of connectedness and I was lucky, and richer for knowing you. I never see one of your names without feeling that smile that goes all the way inside.

I hope you are all well. I’m going to take a peek here and there & see. It’s been such a very long time.


7 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. Good to see you here again. There aren’t a lot of us blogging on any kind of regular basis anymore, or so it looks like. I keep trying to get back into it but I never get more than three or four posts in a month then I am off again for awhile. I really would like to get back to it, though. I hope you and I can both get back to blogging on a bit more of a regular basis!

  2. Hello!!! It’s great to see you “pop up” again in the blog world. :D I was just thinking of you and our “blog circle.” You and the others who were part of the circle always bring on a deep kind of smile for me, too.

    I think Bo and I are among the few who still blog regularly. Everyone else seems to have moved on to Facebook and Twitter and whatever the newest thing may be. I suppose that’s how it should be. Still, I miss you. *Hugs*

  3. You popped into my mind today for no particular reason…and chances are, you won’t see this comment. But if you do–I hope that life has been gracious to you since last we “saw” each other online. I was laughing to myself about the way in which my blog used to frustrate the hell out of you due to my pervasive bemused detachment. But you know, that bemused detachment was what allowed me to be so charmed by your frustration. I send you my affectionate good wishes…or at least whatever facsimile thereof a person such as myself can produce.

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