Dust Off This Old Jacket

Hi there.

It’s been forever since I put words here.. lifetimes ago, really.  But I downloaded the Counting Crows ‘This Desert Life’ album, and have been plunged into a massive revisiting of old haunts and memories. And here I am.

This is a bit like knocking on the doors of what could be a ghost town, to see if anything stirs inside.

Just putting words down feels good. There have been some things I have wanted to tell an intimate audience of strangers sometimes, lately. With all the newness and adjustment always taking place I miss that sense that someone is listening… not just to my everyday voice saying words, I have that but that I can tell the truth, right from the heart of me, and have someone or something receive it.

Amy Hit the Atmosphere…Track 3. Depressing in the good way. Sing your heart out and exorcise that shit. That’s what I’m talking about.







4 thoughts on “Dust Off This Old Jacket

  1. *wave wave wave*
    Apparently, I have some sort of email forwarding for my old blogging buddies. I rarely if ever check that email but by chance I looked at it today. Weird huh. So glad I did. I’ve missed you and wondered how you’re doing and what’s been going on in your world.

    I had another blog that I wrote in for about six months or so (maybe a year?) but some life events happened (the ones I mentioned in my “resting place” post) that took my voice, took my ability to write or do anything for that matter and I stopped abruptly.

    “There have been some things I have wanted to tell an intimate audience of strangers…”
    So does this mean you’re going to take your blog out for a little spin again? This particular resident of the ghost town is stirred by your knocking and would be quite interested. I’ve been thinking lately of starting one up again myself. I’ve been feeling like my voice might be coming back and a blog might be a good way to stretch my muscles and exercise it a little.

  2. Nice to see you post! I just found that you commented on my blog a few weeks ago, and thought I’d come see if your blog was still up and running. I think of you whenever I make your grandma’s buttermilk pancake recipe. Yum.

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