What if I wrote a sentence that didn’t end but stretched on and on and revealed something about the human heart, but not some over-reaching universal truth about the human condition, just the particular essence of us, crystalized with all our flaws and struggles open to the elements so that the wind gets in and hollows them out bigger, exploits our crags and irregularities till there is only that pattern, silhouetted for a slice of eternity, like a pock on the pavement.

9 thoughts on “Longhand

  1. This morning you brought to mind a short story William Soroyan wrote that was one long sentence (several pages). I have been trying to find it. The title may have been, “I have not done so” because it was a litany of things he planned to do and “had not done so.” I remember this from my freshman literature class, which was two years before I would meet my first Armenian (my husband). :-)

  2. You know how they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” well it’s true but it can mean something different to each person studying said picture but what’s this to do with the current post. I have no idea…well I do but its hard to explain so I may just have to be enigmatic and leave it at that. I think some of you will get it anyways.

  3. Finished a book a few days ago which I think you would enjoy. I’d call it a good read but it contained some passages of beautifully fluid prose. It’s called ‘Channelling Mark Twain’. Check it out.

    Hope you and S. have been doing well & enjoying the summer – N.

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