13 thoughts on “Movies I want to see

  1. wow….
    where do you find all these really cool and interesting things?
    The Fall looks really appealing and The Happening… well, I’m sure Little Fawn and I will be seeing it as well as buying the DVD. She loves M. Night Shaymalan movies. So do i for that matter and I absolutely adore Zooey Deschanel, particularly her singing. She was the girl Will Farrell stumbled on in the department store working as an elf. Beautiful voice. Thanks for the heads up on these movies Am.

  2. I’m reading some of the reviews on 10,000 B.C. and the general gist is that the plot is far-fetched, the dialogue ridiculous and the acting bad. And yet the movie can be somewhat enjoyable if you turn your brain off. The New York times review says, “It’s best not to think too hard about anything in this sublimely dunderheaded excursion into human prehistory.”

    So maybe that one can wait for pay per view.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the disappearing bee film…love his work, most of all I think Unbreakable…wonderfully ambiguous but that first one I would worry about. Looks great but it is the WORST filmmaker of all time making it; the man who spewed out Independence Day!!!!

  4. I have a confession to make. I *loved* Independence Day. I know it made no logical sense, but Will Smith? Dude. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum?

    They didn’t need a good script, they had a brilliant casting director.

  5. I loved Independence Day, too. We have it on DVD and I watch it again from time to time. Yes, casting was pretty darn good. And of course, it’s the proverbial little guy against the big bad guy; kind of like a David and Goliath story. Who can resist that?

  6. OK..first though I have no issues with Will or Jeff (spec Jeff) the movie sucked in so many logical ways…and I am a major sucker for big spaceships, really big spaceships..but 1. when they go out and find the first lady in a nation of disrupted services and 2. when someone can hack an alien system which somehow has no firewall and is an alien system and 3. where a spunky cropduster (the worst cliche in all movies of the illiterate crass bumpkin who can show the professionals with all their highfalutin talk and booklarnin how to get the job done when in real life these people are cannon fodder)..Basic rant here is another movie which has the message that smart people are stupid, that education only gets in the way, and a good heart along with a hard head will always win the day over understanding and knowledge.

    And re little guy vs big guy…sure I go for that too if the movie doesn’t bite so badly. Give me a little guy who’s believable…with all the money thrown at the movies they could have hired a writer for this one to throw out Emmerich’s scribbles and makes something palatable. Its not so hard to have entertainment and smarts. Just hate it when people think you have to choose.

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