On twitter, you hafta use less than 140 characters to convey either what you’re doing right now, or pretty much any thought that crosses your mind that you don’t think will bore the ever lovin’ crap out of complete and total strangers.

I’m feeling lazy, so rather than write a blog, I’m going to regurgitate some of my past tweets.

I am doing nothing… with a certain flair, though.
4:47 PM Jul 25th from web

If you ever really need hits for something, just describe it on twitter as ‘erotic photography’.
10:34 AM Jul 19th from web

Did Oscar Wilde do freakin’ *anything* with his life besides sit around and make up pithy remarks?
5:23 AM Jul 23rd from web

If there was a nuclear holocaust, and only two people survived, it just seems very unlikely that it would be me and Neil Gaiman.
12:01 AM Jul 13th from web

Irrelevant aside: So, it turns out I can make that little motor lizard sound the velociraptors make on Jurrassic Park. Whose jealous? :)
3:36 PM Jul 7th from web

O! the violence of every damn day.
7:50 AM Jul 6th from web

It’s always a rather agonizing bid to try and find your place in someone elses affections.
10:12 AM Jul 3rd from web

@rtd13 It is a lot of death talk these days. It just struck me funny how you said that. Like it was an especially long version of King Lear.
10:24 AM Jun 28th from web in reply to rtd13

My whole personality is a peace offering.
8:50 AM Jun 28th from web

It’s sort of amazing, the sheer number of organizations that revolve around the central concept of wearing a funny hat.
6:32 PM Jun 27th from web

He had to find a way to talk her out of the notion that her deep end was a profound state of being. #fiction
10:41 AM Jun 26th from web

Delicious morning. *wiggles toes, appreciatively*
11:41 AM Jun 24th from web

I can feel my world doing that hazy, mirage-type thing that it does right before it shrinks back down to a bite-sized life.
1:15 PM Jun 21st from web

“Why would anyone get married?” she asks, surveying the scorched remains of her parents’ living room.
9:56 PM Jul 18th from web

Daughter haiku: her wall of talk/is something i work out for/but to no avail
6:43 PM Jun 19th from web

that ‘Valley of Elah’ movie f*ked with my head a little. It could have been better, but then it wouldn’t have been as good. *blinks*
10:36 PM Jun 12th from web

Sometimes, despite all my crap parenting, I suspect maybe I’ve succeeded on the important parts.
8:34 AM Jun 11th from web

The most supportive people in my life have pretty consistently been whomever I ended up sitting by at the laundromat.
2:11 PM Jun 5th from web

mirror musing: I am the hottest thing to come around since frozen vegetable medley.
9:12 AM Jun 4th from web

I want …. *lays cheek gently on the keyboard*. I want held. I want to wake someone up and kiss him till the sun rises.
11:48 PM Jun 3rd from web

Big shout out to ‘Your Horny Kitty’, my latest follower on twitter! Yeah! *feeling perplexed by the mundane undertones of personal destiny*
11:19 AM May 31st from web

I can withstand inanity, self-involvement, rude & cryptic on a twitter feed, but take me lap by lap thru a moto-racing event, & we’re done.
9:01 AM May 31st from web

Does anybody else think Squidward is kind of a hottie?
10:02 AM May 29th from web

I wish I could be close to someone without turning into neurotic, self-doubty monster the next day.
6:56 PM May 28th from web

Sometimes the rain is such a relief to the senses.
10:12 AM May 19th from web

Hello you world, you chummy old world. It’s nice to see your bright, ancient face.
10:10 AM May 5th from web

A brand new day: I hit the ground crawling.
9:55 AM Apr 22nd from web

we’re giving the dog a bath. not that it will help the odor without someone present whose willing to squeeze his… y’know what? never mind.
5:14 PM Apr 19th from web

I turned my ankle and had to limp two miles home. Bry made me laugh to tears with running commentary on my ‘elf boots’ & I fell down again.
8:46 PM Apr 14th from web

“Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos”’s good stuff. He deserved some gelato.
9:37 AM Apr 9th from web

dog’s gone nutters. I’ll sit and twitter about it instead of checking it out. Can you *see* the shape of the future?
11:49 AM Mar 29th from web

Insomnia monsters. Yip yip yip yip.
3:17 AM Mar 30th from web

remember being a kid, and so sugar-starved that you had to eat your graham-cracker/frosting sandwich open faced (to derive the full benefit)
1:09 PM Jun 5th from web

This is why God invented the tantrum.
10:39 AM Apr 19th from web

rice puddles

My introspective jag is about over.

Yeah, right. This one’s a lifer. Stuff over here- gathering in for the dad visit. He’s coming for Si’s dance recital, which is a three day extravaganza ranging somewhere around three hours a pop. She’s in approximately two minutes of it.

Our local dance studio has a nice little set up: The parents pay for dance lessons, costumes, and eventually $8 tickets to see the big show. Meanwhile, the kids provide the talent/entertainment, and the studio collects in triplicate.


I don’t think it would be so crazy to offer each family a free ticket or two, since without parents there’d be no kids, and thus no business, but as my mother pointed out to me the other day, nobody asked me. So I’m just gonna paste a smile on my face and obligingly bend over.

Me and dad’s relationship has been a bit strained. I’ve gotten blissfully lost in my romance this week, and I have that feeling in my head, like I’ll put it off till the last moment- exiting my little world to enter the complicated terrain of the father-daughter relationship.

I wish I didn’t hafta produce another me, like an acting buffer between us, but that’s just what happens. And I’m a little out of practice at it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

J.J. Abrams is all over everything. The new Star Trek movie is off the hook *awesome* allegedly, but I so want to give that guy a makeover. He’s too him. He needs to try harder, damnit, it’s Hollywood. Maybe a sweep forward rocker hairdo that covers some of his face, and those black-rimmed glasses have got to go. C’mon! He already looks like Stephen Spielberg, and he’s barely forty. How can you produce so many edgy, cool-right-now-but-ultimately-forgettable flicks/t.v. shows, and still go with the pale-faced, dark-sweatered “I’m  so smart, I don’t even hafta bother” look?


Stephen Spielberg




JJ Abrams








Hey, here’s some Love & Rockets… for your hump day. 

Reading Crooked


My mind has been employing itself in oddities lately. I go to perform a task, and suddenly I’m headed off on a weirdly curly think-tangent. I don’t know if the day-dreamy stuff is to do with having little sleep lately, or if I’m just getting some sort of chemical in my diet that tickles the brain’s hyper-drive.

What’s cool about it is, in these mindsets you tend to see and note connections, relatedness that might  escape your notice otherwise.

But it makes it kind of hard to focus. Reading, the same sort of things happen. A passage or headline gets read differently, and I get all fascinated by the accidental meaning for a moment. For example, I was reading John Steinbeck’s ‘Once There Was a War’… the chapter about the cottage that wasn’t there, and came to this sentence:

“Across the path, a line of people were fishing in the Serpentine, sitting on rented chairs, fishing in water that was stirred with the oars of boats and kicking swans.”

That stopped me for a moment. It’s a rather laid back, satisfied picture: The fishermen setting out their lines, close enough together to chat. Resting on chairs as they wait for something to happen. And in that nonchalant, laid back way, they’re kicking swans.

The swans must be awfully thick underfoot, I decide. But still, it’s odd… in present day culture, kicking an animal certainly isn’t acceptable enough to mention, and you wouldn’t do it in a nonchalant sort of manner. “Oh yes, I just took it easy yesterday. Did a few crosswords, kicked a few dogs.”

My brain went through all these musings, got so far as wondering about the time and place John Steinbeck grew up in, and if there’s a peculiar swan-kicking tradition thereabouts before I actually took another look at the words, and my brain unscrambled the meaning- ie: that kicking swans were stirring the water, along with the boats’ oars.

But that wasn’t the best one. This headline showed up on the Yahoo Home Page yesterday:

A cell phone that thieves love

I immediately clicked on it, mind teeming with immediate concern; for how I read the headline was that the cell phone was somehow stealing love. 

How can a cell-phone do that? Is there some new technology that preys on human emotions? Does the cell phone intercept calls from loved ones, and carry on a robotic conversation, soaking up the good vibes while the thwarted callee is left with a busy tone? Or was it a less fantastical case, where a particular cell phone was simply taking up all the admiration and attention that its new owners formerly lavished on loved ones? Causing rifts in marriages perhaps, or leading to crimes of passion and new, technological love triangles.

All sorts of intriguing possibilities as I click on the title.

And I was a tad disappointed with the mundane story that followed. No, goofer, it’s a CELL PHONE that THIEVES love TO STEAL.

Not a cellphone that thieves on love.


But really, wouldn’t that be kind of a trip?