It is the summer, after all

Ah, Weebles,

Blog, blog, blog. I kinda kick this thing around. Get inspired and throw shit down here and then wanly wither…  cheerfully wane. Attention and focus are certainly not fair-weather friends.

And boy, we’re an energetic bunch. As I speak, the dog is literally snoring beside me on the couch cushions. It’s a pleasant, silver gray evening and there’s a bird determinedly singing a tune over and over in the still stretch of the expanding dusk.

I hate those blogs where the blog becomes mostly an excuse why the writer doesn’t write, or read or do stuff, so gonna try not to go there. I am keeping up, just barely, with most of you; but I think this summer trying to keep on track with all things bloggerly will probably be a losing proposition.

So I’m saying now that my blog presence, here or elsewhere this summer will be intermittent. Some of you are feeling it too. If I’m not as constant a presence in your comment section, it’s nothing save a case of the summers. We can bump into each other like drunks crashing in the night. In this space you may see other kinds of content from time to time, cus I’m experimenting with iMovie and GarageBand.  I might exhibit some of those forays if I like the finished product.

But drop in from time to time. Autumn and the big darkness will be back all too soon, I’m sure, and then I’ll feel more attracted to the creative world inside the screeen.

Happy Fourth of July!!!