Wolf Point, Montana: What Hell Looks Like

I’ve been glued to the news, but it’s weird cus for once you don’t have all this footage to go by. The impact took everyone out that would have been close enough to record it, and knocked the power out too. It’s like getting pushed back from the information age into the dark ages.

Well, almost.

I tried to find something besides the satellite images and found really disturbing videos on YouTube about meteors and the end of the world. There’s already a fake viral going around of the meteor impact that says ‘countdown to global catastrophe’. With 800 comments, and people freaking out, even though the fireball footage is identical to the fake-meteor Tacoma commercial.

On channel 10 they gave a pretty straightforward, scientific account of just what North Dakota/Montana is probably experiencing: It’s light in the central states now, but it’s actually getting darker over Montana and North Dakota. They’ve estimated the dimensions of the meteor at between 50,000 and 100,000 tons. It punched the earth at a speed faster than the rate of sound. Nothing is standing for miles around. There’s probably what looks like a meteor shower all around the immediate vicinity, shooting out from the blast, and if there were any trees somewhat near that did not blow up, they’re flattened now, and they will explode as the hot debris touches them.

Which is really bad news for anyone living in Eastern Montana/Western Dakota. Those who survived the blast must now survive the debris and the fires. Tons and tons of the earth’s crust got blasted into the air forming something like the mushroom cloud from mount St. Helens, and all that debris and shit is going to be branching out into the stratosphere before coming down. None of the stupid news organizations can say how big a swath of the nation is going to be under the doom cloud.

In fact, none of the freakin news channels seem to have anything to say at all, they just keep repeating the same things over and over, although one was helpful enough to point out that meteors are what knocked the world into several ice ages and made the dinosaurs go extinct. Helpful. Thank you for not inducing panic there, sport.

Oregon is in the influence zone, but we’re over the mountains, so I don’t know if we’ll see the dust cloud, or what’s going to happen. I tried to look up ‘Wolf Point’, but it loads really slow. I just got a welcome page and it looks nice. Quaint. The kind of place you’d want to visit before it resembled Hades.

I feel kinda shaken, like this thing has rocked the foundations I’m standing on. Like dynamite, close enough to feel. It’s ugly…. the videos and the ice-age commentary: When people are freaked out and looking for information they try to go and inject even more fear and drama into what’s already a horrifying situation for thousands and thousands of people.

It’s kinda sick.

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Big Boom

Listening to the news, but I don’t really believe it. It’s like that movie, armageddon.

Is anyone else hearing this?

7,000 just GONE. An ‘estimated 7,000 people’. They keep showing that satellite picture again and again, and it looks like a movie with the impact and explosion, so I don’t really believe it.

Meteor hits. Thousands dead. Just ended.

I don’t even understand how people can continue to live when it’s that random. They’re talking about the impact and comparing it to the bombs dropped in Hiroshima, and it seems like exactly the same thing (but different).

All these people just evaporated with no say, and it made no difference what their plans or ambitions or how they lead their life. I keep checking on Sierra.

I swear I felt something- not to get all Star Wars and shit cus the nutbars are soon enough going to be talking about judgment day, but it wasn’t the impact (from that far away? naw) it was like an uneasiness. a ‘disturbance in the force’… yeah, go ahead laugh, but at the moment it doesn’t really seem to matter how stupid what I say sounds. 7,000 people were dead like in a millisecond.

I guess when life is that random it’s best to express yourself when you have the chance. I’m gonna go call someone I love.