Mood Map

There are days when the delicate equilibrium of my usual sparkling good nature fails a bit, and I have myself a little bout o’ the moody. It’s not necessarily anybody’s fault, but sometimes it is, and you better bet those bodies responsible are festooned with chest-hair and dangly bits.

Today, all is well with the world. I’m sporting the kind of deep-down, lazy satisfaction that generally accompanies either mind-melting sexual fulfillment or the consumption of a bum-wiggling good sandwich.

*melts and wiggles simultaneously to throw off the curious*

Yesterday though, it was an iTunes roller coaster. See, I can map my recent emotions through the iTunes ‘recently played’ folder.

Here’s how it played out.

On waking:

After cracking an offended eye at the bleary, gray splotched daylight, took a desperate swipe at waking. -Soul Coughing- Super Bon BonTurned over, promptly fell back to sleep.


On second waking:

Rolled over onto phone, groaning, checked time. Cursed. Rose to check e-mail. Cursed. Gloomily stared into the depths of OSX, mentally stripping down the daily to-do list. – Smashmouth- Then the Morning Comes



After a cheery breakfast of leftover stir-fry chicken and Dr. Pepper, a quick shower and some reproachful glares at the cell phone, a brief patch of optimism defined by a long string of Silversun Pickups that morphed, unexpectedly, into Ingrid Michaelson- The Way I Am.


Now, the long dark tea-time of the soul, the *waiting* part of the day. When I could be doing something better with my time, but I’m just not fucking gonna. Not today. – Lazlo Bane- Trampoline – & Sarah Harmer- Weakened State-.


And then the dangerous descent into those most volatile climates of the feminine repertoire: Fiona Apple, baby. Criminal– ShadowBoxer- Sleep to Dream.


The fight & the remorse parts:

Basement Jaxx- Where’s Your Head At!, Feist- So Sorry, Aimee Mann- Save Me-.


The lovey dovey shit:

Jesse McCartney… *shame faced* yes, I’ll admit it. That little Disney brat who can’t play his own instruments. ‘Take Your Sweet Time’, and then Bob Schneider- The World Exploded into Love-.

Happy Bouncy: Actually, a YouTube for this one: David Bowie’s ‘Dance, Magic, Dance” from the Labyrinth, (courtesy of Chuck Full o’ Blog)


At long last, the softer, reflective tunes that come when darkness falls down: Sara Bareilles, Between the Lines and -The Damnwells- Golden Days-.


Sleepy time. -Wilco- Either Way

What a day.