Now I’m a big, huge deal, right?

When I checked into ‘Stop & Wander’ this morning, I noticed that my visitor count read 100,010 hits.

Dude, that’s a lot of weebles. Given, I started this blog up on June 16th, ’07 so it took about a year and 10 months to get all those zeroes. But it averages out to about 50,000 per year.

That’s sort of a hard integer to grasp.

So here’s a little context:

14,870,000  people visited Disneyland in 2007, so Stop & Wander was 1/297th as popular as Disneyland that year.

lol cats site: I Can Has Cheezburger received 1,500,000 hits a day at the height of its blog popularity in 2007. So- Stop & Wander was

1/30th of one/365th times as popular as I Can Has Cheezburger, –  *blinks*

Approximately 400,000 people are estimated to have attended Woodstock in 1969. So Stop & Wander had 1/8th as many annual visitors as the three day rock concert, which equals out to… on a daily, er- wait. No. *holds head*  Okay, if you times it by three, and factor the off- season-…   Urgh. The math just got too complicated, but…

basically S&W compares more favorably to hippy rock than it does to grammatically tragic and trussed-up kitty-cats.

All that information sort of reinforces how relative the nature of an impressive-assed number really is. But mostly I want to thank the repeat visitors, known in local slang as ‘weeble-kind’. You’ve made me feel consistently that this blog was worth the effort of writing each day, and that is an incomparable kindness.

Thank you.

Wednesday, briefly

Despite having matured in many regards, it still moves me disproportionately when someone reads my favorite book, or listens to a song that I love. It’s not yet even in my eagerness, though, the reciprocal impulse- like a child I really want to share what I love, but sometimes hafta muster up a courteous enthusiasm when given similar recommendations.

Maybe that’s a family thing. Both me and my sibling seem to be that way, displaying an odd hesitancy when introduced to some form of the arts. My brother’s taste is freakishly similar. We’ve gone our own ways, and have tremendously different lives but we still end up finding the same obscure band, or discover we’ve read the same great book. It’s weird though: He’ll give me a homemade c.d. for Christmas, and I’ll give him a cherished book and it can take a year or two to actually look it over, discover it. That’s comfortable, and I donno why; why I need that bumper of non-expectation before I can settle into a guided discovery.

And that’s part of this week’s efforts, probably. Sharing. Listen to this! Read this! I know full well how irritating it must look to presume anyone’s listening when I’ve spent precious little time sparing my attention in blog world, these previous weeks. But surprising windfalls can result from the effort. These blog-things hang out here awhile; they have their own in-grown bumper time. That’s nice.

Today I’m half astounded to discover someone unexpectedly checked out my favorite book.

When? Why? How come? Donno. He didn’t say much.

But still, count me gratified.

I’d like to take a swipe at reciprocation for *your* time and attention. If you throw a recommendation down in comments, be it a book or a song you really love, I’ll make the effort.

Just remember, it may take a little time. Now… that said, you gotta check out this awesome tune and whimisical video.  ;)

Olly Olly Oxen Free

Step out of hiding for a minute. It’s an interesting week here. Not dramatic, not bad exactly, ..maybe good in a potentially job-well-done sort of way.

Still, seems a good idea to keep my web presence somewhat active so this place doesn’t turn into a ghost town.

Couple of things: Thank you Robin, and Norm. Robin for a thing of beauty… I won’t be more specific just here. But- ty.

Norm, for a generous offer to listen that I’ll probably take up and something you said which struck me- the gist was: You get out of the process what you put into it. So go ahead and immerse yourself in that.

Creative weebles might want to throw down some Haiku over at Mad’s joint. He’s got a daisy-chain challenge, and all it costs you is 17 syllables.

And- I’d like you all to meet Rao. I’m pretty fearless about dubbing new blog-pals weebles, but I’m not sure he’d let me call him that. Rao is a friend… from long ago… from my high school days! We connected again thanks to the magic of the internet.

It’s hard not to call him by his real name, actually, such is the power of his personality; but- by means of introduction, ‘Rao’ happens to be the person I spent the day with the one and only time I played *real* hooky from highschool. (Senior year it wasn’t uncommon to skip a couple periods at the end of the day, or even the whole afternoon, but I always went to go get my checkmark for attendance in the morning.)

If memory serves me right… we ended up talking about nothing and everything, watching bad t.v. and playing the boardgame ‘LIFE’. And I explained to Rao, who was the only friend I had at that time who would have understood, why I didn’t choose to involve my boyfriend in the whole skipping school scheme…

I kinda needed a little break from that intensity.

Yup. I remember that day really well. Kinda cool that he’s writing now, and he’s writing some great stuff, so go say hello at his site if you get the chance.

I’m thrashed, so that’s all for the time being.

Beat the odds, and enjoy your Tuesday.