I have a weird relationship with poetry. Sometimes I really need to write what I would call a poem, but unlike regular prose, I don’t feel I have any craft at the medium.

It’s a strange feeling, because I can *recognize* a good poem immediately. There’s a resonance right there, the language does all sorts of things in a good poem that you wouldn’t think language can do.

I can see it, I just can’t make it very well, and this is where I know the frustration of the passionate art aficionado who cannot paint, or the deeply sensitive lover of beauty whose own facade is ugly- I love the twist and ache of crystallized language, but I fall short at creating it.

So I’ve sort of made my own style of nugget sized prose- They aren’t exactly, really poems.

And they don’t necessarily mean something. (They don’t necessarily not.) A poem, to my mind, is something like a snapshot- the imagery of emotions taken in a moment. It doesn’t hafta fit into a framework or have immediately recognizable context. It can be inspired directly, or by several degrees of separation.

The result always fill me with ambivalence. Ah well. At heart this place has always been my space, to write or not to write, to poem or not to poem. -And so the nuggets will continue, at least for the time being.

7 thoughts on “Poeming

  1. From time to time I feel compelled to write a poem. It’s usually a few things, sentences that start rhyming in my head and don’t go away until I get them on paper. Like you I always have mixed feelings about the end result and they usually end up at the bottom of the drawer, probably never to see the light of day again.

  2. I can honestly say I have never felt compelled to write a poem. Ever. I’m just not built that way. And I wouldn’t recognize a good poem if it slapped me upside the head. Sometimes I think it would be nice, but then the snarky monster inside of me heckles the momentarily sensitive part of me and the moment is gone.

  3. In the years after my divorce, I could only write poetry and it never came in English. It was always in Spanish. That was interesting because I don’t write prose in Spanish, only English.

    I guess it says a lot that I’ve not needed to write a poem for some time.

  4. I love writing poetry and have amassed a bulk of it and can’t find an outlet for publishing it without doing a self published book and then trying to throw some, “come and meet the author and buy a poetry book party” and the only book is mine, and the people find out I’m the author and they bolt..
    I am a big supporter of using poetry as a fast emotional outlet. Come visit my blog http://abberantverse.blogspot.com or just come and visit my every day blog http://abbesworld.wordpress.com Take care — Abbe

  5. noheroics- Sometime you should get them out of the drawer, and take another look. Maybe some will startle you and be surprisingly good.

    upsidedownpinneaple- To each her own. But your snarky monster might have some interesting poems inside, too…

    Corina- I keep thinking about your comment. It’s kind of why I bucked my unresponsive streak and ended up responding (finally). I think that’s strange and beautiful, in a way, that your poetry will only speak in Spanish. I know your prose, but in a way I almost feel that I am missing something that I’ll never be able to read your poetry- at least not unless it’s translated.

    But I wonder why that is- I guess in a way it’s similar to the difference between prose and poetry. I wish I could access the language of the latter to express things, sometimes.

    A.J.- Oh, I’m sure they wouldn’t bolt! I say that without having read anything you’ve written yet, but that part will soon be mended.

    aefiel- Mcdefinitely. ;)

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