A Year for Making Jam

Well if you’re a blogger worth your salt, this is the day you typically write some sort of summing up of the last year, or decade, or make some kind of list, or at least state some resolutions.

I haven’t been a very salty blogger, lately.

Er.. You know what I mean, just barely keeping tabs here, and then mostly for the holidays.

I have this to say about 2009:

It was interesting.  Isn’t that the highest compliment you can pay, at least to a person (or a weeble)? It had ups and downs. Obama was president for all of this year; I liked that. This was the first full year I had w/Kevin, and I really liked that. *hearts*

My daughter got into a kick-ass charter school. I saw people this year I haven’t consented to see for a long time, and it went pretty well.

There were also some tears this year, uncertainty and phases of frozenness, which is maybe the worst thing from my perspective.

I feel cautiously positive about  2010. I think the global weather will get worse, which is sort of scary, but personally, at least in this little circle of connection, I think me and the people I love are more ready to be open-hearted, to listen, to be patient, and to enjoy the moments we have more than ever before.

This isn’t a very exciting post, but any blogger worth her salt would put something down here, and wish you all a Happy New Year.

Have a great one!

7 thoughts on “A Year for Making Jam

  1. Happy New Year!

    I think this is a very nice post. Remember…quality not quantity! (And the oft repeated “size doesn’t matter”).

    I think this was a very interesting year, too. It was a year of taking more steps forward than back.

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