I don’t know. I don’t quite get it. When I woke this morning, what greeted my eyes were the colors of a sky painted from sunrise. There were stripes of pink. blue, pink, blue- and the whole picture was infused with the rosy glow that I identify with dawn.

The sky was beautiful. But last night, last night from that same window I also saw the moon hang like a heavy, golden globe, and the silhouette of tree leaves frame its slow descent into the high regions of the night.

Outside, if I walk a little ways, there is the ocean, vast and silvery, reflecting the morning rainbows, and the waves pounding out an eternal song.

These sights amaze me. That they exist, yes, and that I have the capacity to see them- that the world should be painted in colors that are beautiful to my eyes. What is that an adaptation for? What was the point of that subtlety of perception?

There’s no answer in the physical realm, I can only go to the spiritual. The sights of this morning aren’t just ‘sufficient’, there is a wild beauty up above. It is a gift. Our world is a beautiful world.

Outside is where I feel it. When I sit in a room and have the wonders of existence interpreted to me by men who err and sin willfully, my cynicism also kicks in. But out in all of this, my doubt dissipates with morning dew.

I don’t get how a heart could take so much for granted. I don’t understand how cynicism gains such a powerful foothold. Other people’s beliefs are their own business, but to scoff at the idea of a God, to loudly and proudly denounce any meaning in creation seems sort of, I don’t know… sad. It seems sad, when I see the sky like that. 

Maybe it’s just too easy not to believe in anything. Maybe that’s the flaw in the heart of human-kind: We will not be made fools of. And so miss the glory of the forest as we hide in the shadow of the trees.

6 thoughts on “Thought

  1. Nature does the same thing to me. Whether its a mountain brook or a scene such as you described or even staring into a clear night sky and being awed by the magnitude but still stirred by the beauty of it.

  2. Nice piece. Nice blog. Though I’ve come to realize I’m an atheist in the last couple of years, I agree with the inherent sadness in not believing in anything. I believe very much in the beauty and awe-full majesty of the inhuman world. In fact, without any plan or design, with only chance big-banging its way outward to seed such amazing grace across the cosmos, the world may, indeed, be more beautiful and awe-inspiring.

    Your results may vary.

    Best to you & yours,
    joesmith (Really.)

  3. I’m doing some catching up and am glad I scrolled back to find this. How you doin’ Am?
    The natural world is confirmation for me of all things spiritual.

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