Starting to Nano

I just force-flushed my perfectionism down the toilet, and writing is under way.  I have 644 words.

It’s not like, spelling and grammar perfectionism, it’s like expecting every word to be the blessed and holy product of a genius that could lay a book down, edited and fully formed into NeoOffice writer. Which is a freeware product, btw, and available to anyone who doesn’t mind the inability to capitalize the letter B.

Srry, I should save the extraneous babble for my word count.

How’s it goin’ for you?

If you aren’t a nano-participant, please forgive the obsession, the self-absorption and tirades, cussing and self-abuse sure to follow. This is how books get written. This is also how books don’t get written, oddly enough. 

That’s sort of a paradox, isn’t it.

5 thoughts on “Starting to Nano

  1. ok, I’m officially starting to freak out!

    I haven’t written a single word. I went over to your WriMo place and saw that you and LB have a bunch of words under your belt already. Then I looked at how the rest of your WriMo buddies are doing and my throat started to tighten.

    3,500 words; 3,300 words; 2,400 words 3,600 words… holy crap! 6,500 words!!!

    (breathe Jules… breathe!)

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