Tonight, if you’re ambitious enough to wake in the center of the dark, you can play spectator to the pyrotechnics of the heavens.

Yes, the Orionid Meteor Shower may just outdo last night’s episode of House. This article explains in some detail that the shooting stars will be a product of comet dust. Remember Neil Gaiman’s story Stardust? It’s possible these ice and particle fragments are what we’re actually made of, if you go farther back than biological history and fossil records. In the beginning, there was matter clinging to matter in the vast expanse of  the endless void.

I’m dreamatical. Sleep has been an elusive beastie once again. A recurring jaw infection has come back to visit, and my night-time worries, daytime loves, and a hint of fever swirl me through an ocean of dream in which I feel most like a passive participant. Float, sink, live, die- I think the mind dream’s harder when it cannot count on sleep- there is a compensative surge. 

It is a little intriguing when the conscious is subsumed by the subconscious. When the dark gets bigger than your efforts to push it back. When our little settlements seem ludicrous in the sweep of the land. It is easier sometimes to watch rather than control.  The night spreads its feathers out, and we scatter like comet dust.

4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. So true.

    Just dust in the wind. (I forget which song that’s from.)

    Sorry about the Halos last night. One of the reasons I quit being a fan long ago. There’s enough heartbreak without watching your team choke. Course, they were the victim of a couple of bad calls, but I don’t think unbadding those calls would’ve changed the course of the game much.

  2. I think it’s called ‘Dust in the Wind’.

    Thanks, it was quite a bum forced-entry. (that’s my attempt at nicer words for it)

    Baseball’s better than soap opera though, for the drama-addictive personality.

    The umpire totally was on crack.

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