Summ’d up

I took into account a few suggestions from the polls conducted in the last week. There’ll be some more interactive stuff, – as per your request. I’m making an effort, also, to respond to comments, something that in certain seasons is strangely hard to do.

It might be a shyness thing. You all say such very nice words, and at times I’m pretty much abashed as to how to respond.

San Francisco really did happen, btw, it wasn’t just a figment of my imagination. I intended to write about it in a somewhat involved manner, but stuff happened.

Is that vague enough for you?

A seemingly small and pleasant detail that had its origin in the trip lead to a large, and overwhelming emotional matter-

so in a healthy, American fashion I put the entire experience on the back-burner and tried to muddle through a strange series of events. On account of this, the trip was never properly ‘unpacked’ in enjoyment and recollection.

I was a little surprised how many of us lost our virginity at age 18/19. I wonder if that means something. Always figured I was a late bloomer in that regard, but maybe there’s a personality trait that goes hand in hand with putting off the dirty-deed, or-

I have no idea.

One last thing- I’ve seen some faces hereabout that haven’t been here in a very long time. This must be the season of renewed acquaintance, and that makes it an even more pleasant one. Do, please come again. ;)

‘later all

12 thoughts on “Summ’d up

  1. I figure this will push me to get that book that has been lurking inside me to get on to paper. It has been sitting there for about 10 years. Or I will paint the inside of my house as a form of procrastination. Either way I win. Right???

  2. After the jamokes in the white coats haul me away, you’ll have to promise to send me brownies or jelly dougnuts or something because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  3. Mmmm…maybe. I’m thinnnkkking about that novel thing. Might be a better way to spend November than moaning about the change in weather. Say, which I could do in novel form, right? I wonder how long it takes if you are writing with pen and paper and moving rapidly from word to word without much thought or anguish. Wonder if I can write 1667 words in less than two hours?

  4. Ehhhhhh….

    Screw it. I’m in.

    I just signed up for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Last year was exhausting, and I got 50,300 some odd words of crap. But I am in.

  5. You make NaNoWriMo sound enticing. It’s one of those things where I feel a pull, but don’t want to give in. Not this year, but you never know. Things change. If a fully formed, boffo, best selling story plops in my head and settles in like a persistent house guest, perhaps I’ll join y’all next year.

  6. Hey, hey, hey! I didn’t start it last year, did I? Then who do I get to blame?

    I’m still mulling it though . . .there’s a person here at work would make a fabulous character, actually maybe a couple or three. Why do the words “transgender dectective story” keep resonating in my head? I’m not even a big mystery fan, yet . . .

  7. Yes ma’am you are SOOO to blame, LB. I’ve been mulling over stepping into the NaNoWriMo fray again but not sure that I have the time or the story.

    I just read what I had from last year and I have to admit, I really like it. I hope I can finish it someday.

    I dunno… I’m impressed with Jaynova’s “screw it, I’m in.” I’m not there yet but there are still three weeks and three days till midnight of Nov 1st so who knows.

    Put me down for a definite “maybe”.

  8. pineapple- Right. And hey, you might even do both, in a wild feat of procrastination-slash-creativity.

    mad- I will. I will send you brownies if you end up in a mental institution. Of course, they probably won’t give them to you, but I’ll still send them.

    Bo- That would be splendid if you hopped on board! Honest, the more the merrier. If you do sign up, tell me your user name so I can buddy you. Oh, I really, really hope you will!

    jaynova- -That’s_ what I like to hear! K, there’s three…

    anhinga- fair enough. If it isn’t the time, it isn’t the time. But I’ll remember you said ‘maybe next year’. I’ll remember.

    LB- Yep, it was all your fault. I hope you’ll do it again. Jules might be gonna- you might be gonna- it would be really fun if we were all giving it another go. ;) (that wasn’t an earnest nag, I’m waiting one more week for the earnest nagging)

    and see- you already have a reader.

    Jules- Well, I think of it this way- what do you have to lose? Nothin. And you can keep going on last year’s manuscript, that is within the rules.

    I know, I think we should all emulate Jaynova’s attitude… in this, at least.

  9. I think this will be yet another year of thinking about it and then deciding against it. Unless, like Anhinga said, “a fully formed, boffo, best selling story plops in my head.”

    I will be doing NaBloPoMo, though. I’m currently attempting it with the October theme of “haunted” but I see FAIL in my future on that one as I’ve already stretched it quite a bit.

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