You asked for it.

A great number of you who voted on the previous poll said that nudie pictures would enhance your reading experience of this blog.

Well, if it will make my weebles happy, count on me to deliver. Just as you asked, nudie pictures for my little arm-chair voyeurs.







raccoon, au naturel

raccoon, au naturel

The Naked Mole Rat

The Naked Mole Rat

Okay, okay, I’m teasing you a bit. Here’s the hardcore naked pictures you’ve been waiting for.

Naked Cock:


Naked Jugs:


Naked Pussy:


6 thoughts on “You asked for it.

  1. Ooops! Ya caught me peekin’. Good one, Am.

    This ought to bring on an interesting ‘Search Terms’ post.

    Can you imagine a herd of rampaging naked mole rats heading down main street, usa?

  2. I’m not sure which is more disturbing, the naked mole rat or the naked alien posing. Not that I have anything against naked aliens posing but his hair is all…wrong. I guess that’s part of what makes him alien. Aside from that extra part, of course.

    A herd of rampaging naked mole rats?? Norm must have some wild imaginings. ;)

  3. pinneapple- me too. Raccoons are so damn hot.

    david- ka-ching!

    Norm- Alas, yes. Now the questions is, can I stop imagining such a thing…

    jaynova- That’s right. I know just how to treat a weeble.

    Robin- lol The armpit hair arrested me a bit. I bet he’s a pin-up in some solar system.

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