6 thoughts on “Polling Data

  1. An option for the top one which would have allowed me to vote: Your blog is in my Reader so I visit whenever there is a new post (don’t know exactly how often that would be :-))

    Also didn’t respond to #3 because I like it just fine as it is.

    However, great idea!

  2. I love the new header, and pic on the side bar. Fire pictures have always fascinated me due to the chaotic nature and colors.

    I usually visit when I see a new post in site previewer or trying to remember something or get ideas and traipse through some of the blogs I have on my side bar or bookmarked
    Also I voted for nudie pictures. >;-)
    (like you couldn’t have guessed that on your own.)

  3. I’ll admit that since things in my life went pear-shaped, I’ve been reading everyone’s blog less. If I had an internet connection and wasn’t addicted to Facebook, I’d read the blog more often. I voted for nudie pics because everything’s more interesting with nudie pics.

  4. anhinga- Never. I’d never kick sand in your face. But thank you all the same- in blog-world, I was becoming a bit of an ‘un’.

    Christina- Thanks! The reader, yeah… that’s the problem with these polls. I suppose I should leave the ‘fill in your own blank’ part there.

    Rao- Thank you! I was kind of proud of it, and thought it had turned out nicely. Yes, you were in popular company on that nudie pictures one. ;) (but way to admit it)

    julian- I’m actually planning to utilize some of this data… like the nudie pictures. I’m so on top of that one.

    jaynova- You seem pretty composed, but I bet it hurts like hell. Everybody loves Facebook so much, I’ll admit, I don’t quite get it.

    But maybe I just haven’t spent enough time there.

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