good ash, good rubble

I was going to write something, but stopped. The other night I wrote something and took it down again. But that wasn’t enough: I took down others, divying up  and ultimately tearing down great mastadons of self expression.

I survey the ash and rubble with satisfaction.

There are other works on here that have been condemned. They’ll soon go under the wrecking ball.

It’s interesting to think

later, I could try and reference myself

and be unable.

Isn’t that beautiful? We live in an era of excess words. If someone should happen to do the improbable and bite their tongue, they quickly go and talk about it elsewhere, the act punctuated with a hushed and underlying horror, like some trauma has been visited on the once bold and articulate soul.

“When he said that, I just shut my mouth. I turned around and walked away. I didn’t say a word… not a word.

Well you have now, you said twenty. And then reiterated.

Imean_they_ reiterated. You’re blameless here, for this miniscule meanwhile, before the process gets turned around and churned out again. You are the generous party, taking it in.

.   .   .   .   .

Bring the wrecking ball, sign the papers. 

I have exposed myself, and,

I need a tan.

5 thoughts on “good ash, good rubble

  1. This is interesting for a lot of reasons. First, I am hard pressed to think of any words of yours I would send to the rubbish pile. Second, I have been grappling with removing, or moving to another blog, my political posts. When I saw myself reflected in another writer (best selling, too) on Facebook, the reflection was not so good. Our political views are totally opposite, so when she continually (about 2 a day) posted links to articles on the far end of her political spectrum, I couldn’t take it any longer. I did not de-friend her, but did hide her from my home page. It feels so good to go there without feeling that angst now. I still pull her up and read things relating to writing, but don’t have the blatant radical views explode in my face. It’s so hard to keep my mouth shut sometimes. I’ll probably have to move these thoughts to another blog and speak there if the feelings boil over. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. pinneapple- not even sorta.

    Rao- They gots zapped. Not really mourning them, though, so it was probly the right decision.

    Mad- Is that a time machine? I kinda need one of those. Pronto.

    anhinga- Yeah. The political thing is always an interesting call. The few political posts I did on here, I ended up feeling a little sheepish about, but that’s not really so much my fault as Senator John Edward’s fault.

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