No real way to be

First off, I’m a little pissy. I used to like Yahoo a lot- , but then they did betraying acts like trying to force me into their new, crappy-ass mail platform which doesn’t function properly in a Safari browser (if it functions at all).

Did Microsoft manage to buy Yahoo? Because they used to feature at least some decent headlines in their top news stories, but now-

If it isn’t cosmo-ready crap like ‘Is your man cheating on you?’ It’s these even worse news stories where they give a mighty mouth-piece to really unworthy objects. Let’s not talk about the President’s speech, or try to give an objective outlines to the pros and cons of healthcare reform, no- let’s incessantly drive people’s attention to a senator’s shocking lack of respect in heckling the president during his address. Let’s give this guy all the press we possibly can, and mention over and over that it seems to be Joe who got all the attention, and possibly rallied the democrats through the medium of outrage, rather than President Obama’s substantive message.

How weird is that? The media uses their control to publish what people are paying attention to, and draws attention to what they say everyone’s paying attention to, because they won’t publish anything else.

I know I sound like a retarded third grader. It’s not like this hasn’t been going on since the first caveman journalist skewered a factual account of a mammoth hunt to put his buddy, Mister ‘Couldn’t catch a dead tortoise’ in a better light, but it’s not just the bias of current popular media.

I’m astounded by the stupidity of it.

It really is all about sensationalism. Even news sources who don’t need to constantly wave the ‘shiny’ shock stories to keep a following stoop to that action. No one seems to trust that there’s a readership for somewhat fair, informational news.

Stories whose subject matter shocks or outrages, stories that read like a fiery piece of gossip- that kind of news really thrives in an industry where you have marketing and image experts rather than decent writers at the helm.

I’m bored. It’s dumb how reactionary our culture is. It’s even more dumb how little attention seems to be paid to substantive issues, quality work. I’m to blame, I’m guilty- I’ve let my daughter grow up on Hanna Montana and the other Disney horrors, Princess and Barbie books, because it was easier than finding the alternatives. It seemed enough at times that I occasionally try to think critically, and I thought to pass that on at some point.

This trend toward the short attention span isn’t fun or rewarding to be a part of. We don’t have ‘American Culture’, we have glossy ads, soundbytes and billboards.

The American contribution to current events is basically a commercial.

7 thoughts on “No real way to be

  1. Please don’t get me started on those f!*#ing news aggregators. Some people are already applauding the day when the likes of the New York Times, L.A. Times, the so-called liberal media, disappear like the dinosaurs. But then all the stuff we’ll be getting will be of the crap kind. Then, unfortunately, America will get exactly the information it deserves.

  2. Analytical thinking is a thing of the past. No longer taught, or thought. And most people have no clue what the term even means.

    Don’t feel badly about a little Hanna in Sierra’s life. Just add a heaping helping of questioning what you read and a lesson in fact finding. And I DON”T mean Wikipedia!

  3. Boy did you hit a hot button! After a lifetime of nightly news embedded like a stone at the end of every day, I asked myself last week, “Why? Why?” It was all rehash, sensationalism and fluff. I jumped on my bike and cleared my head during that time and was better for it, I’m sure. And you just KNEW the minute Sen. Wilson opened his mouth during the speech that any intelligent discussion of the healthcare bill was over. And each network leans one way or the other so that a true analysis of anything is out of the question. I am just so over it. Thanks for making me not feel alone.

  4. That’s why I don’t watch news. Soon as the window pops up on messenger or Yahoo I hit the X in the corner. The only news I get comes from Radio Morning talk shows (the Rick Emerson Show on Rock 101.1 KUFO from 6-9am) and David Letterman. At least with the news they give I can laugh instead of cry on the inside as my sole shrivels a little bit more at humanities great Fuck ups.

  5. (Applauds quietly) … and echoes Robin’s and Anhinga’s comments.

    A couple of local stations have tried going to a more tabloidy style and leaning way to the left or right and it isn’t working. How about just reporting the news as it happens and include some critical insight?

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