Off We Go

Into the wild, blue Bay area-

It happens that I’ll be chugging to San Francisco tomorrow, there to take in the sights, catch a ball-game, visit a dead and foreign King and most probably brunch at a posh hotel before wandering the desolate, bar-strewn corridors of an island prison.

I’m looking forward to the getaway, though my available wardrobe is cause for anxiety. I think I can reasonably fake the more urban look with one *great* pair of new jeans, a classy summer dress outfit of some sort, and a city haircut. Here at the coast it’s possible to get by on coastal retail outlets and 2nd-hand stores. Nobody blinks. The fashion sense hereabouts could be characterized as ‘blandly cheerful grunge band’. You have the same flannel, jeans, tee-shirts and rumpled un-tucked execution, but the colors are more Monet than Megadeath.

Anyhow, between Phagans (cosmetology school for sociable drop-outs) and the legally blind woman at Jinny’s Boutique, you can get a better haircut with a hack-saw than at any beauty stop on the Central Oregon Coast. 

I am debating the camera issue, though.

In a weird way, personal perspective can be somewhat confining. Right now it feels like if I don’t start looking at things differently, I’ll die young, angry and unkempt with a really crap haircut. My instinct is to leave that stalwart little point-and-shoot at home and just *be* for awhile.

But … King Tut? There could be some really fantastic picture opportunities.

I guess we’ll find out which way that went come Thursday, when I get home.

Have a nice weekend, weeble-bums.

5 thoughts on “Off We Go

  1. Sweet journey! SF can be gorgeous during the summer. Go ahead and take the camera. Doesn’t mean you have to take pictures. But you never know what you’ll come across.

  2. I agree with Mad. Take it. I live by the rule “better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.”

    Maybe you could catch Ombudsben and talk him into a sample of one of his homebrews. I think he might be out of town though.

    I’m glad you’re back.

    (Kissy, kissy, hug, hug)

  3. Yup. Take it see what “develops”! Your wardrobe should be fine everywhere with the exception of some restaurants and hotels with really snooty people where you wouldn’t want to go anyway!

    Let yourself have fun and it will happen!

  4. Yes, yes (2 votes, I’m from FL) take the camera. I saw the Tut king decades ago. He was cool. Have fun in the city. You’ll fit in just fine or create a new mold everyone will want to copy.

  5. I go places and always forget to take pictures. Even if they are on the cell phone. Maybe if I had a better camera I would take pictures. Then again it’s me I’m talking about so I would have a nice camera in a nice camera bag hanging off my shoulder or around my neck and that’s where it would stay.

    Safe journey and have fun.

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