The trouble and the blessing

Sometimes I chafe against being interpreted. But then it’s kind of cool, in a way, cus just like a passage in the bible, if you write something and 14 different people take it fourteen different ways, essentially you’ve succeeded.

You’ve created something that each person could find relevance and meaning in.

I guess if I really valued my privacy I’d buy a regular diary and take up golf.


Nobody wants to read about golf. Well, nobody I know.


6 thoughts on “The trouble and the blessing

  1. It’s different around here. I go away for a couple of weeks and things change. I’m not sure how I feel about that…

    That’s a good way to look at being interpreted. I’m glad you don’t write about golf. I doubt there are nearly as many ways to find meaning in that particular subject (at least for those of us who wouldn’t want to read about golf).

  2. What’s even funner is being misinterpreted. OK, well, not fun, but interesting. You wonder, How’d you come up with that? Am I really that way?

    Don’t knock golf. There’s a lot of money to be made there.

  3. We put ourselves out for the world to see when we publish our blogs. It takes a lot of courage to do that.

    And just because someone interprets you doesn’t mean they are right! Only you know what you mean and what is inside of you.

  4. Interpreted. Bahh Who cares. Fuck it. Write what you will. Write what you need too and if someone gets it, great. If they don’t it’s something else to write about. Not to explain what you wrote, but anything can give you an idea about what to write next. Or not write. Your writing doesn’t define you but it does give you an outlet to vent, explain, ponder, ramble along, create, pander, entertain, and any other descriptive words people use when describing why they write.

    It’s not “I write, therefore I am.” It’s “I am, so occasionally I write.”

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