Movies I’m superbly excited about

I need to put another post up-top, cus I’m self conscious about my voice.

And… and! Now, as of today, there are no less than FOUR movies I really would like to watch.

One of them is out this very weekend. You know what I’m talking about girls? I bet you do. I’ll save that one and post it last… most distant first cus that happens to be the order of my interest, but -all- of these films may well prove worth viewing.

1. As featured on ‘Yahoo’ today, ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’- a whimsical new vision from Terry Gilliam, has floundered since the passing of a major, secondary character- Heath Ledger. But now, the film is finally completed. The movie has found international distribution, though an American distributor has not yet stepped up. Trailers and clips catch my attention the way Pan’s Labyrinth once did. I want to see this film, but it’s unclear when or how that will become a reality.

Clips from the movie

2. If you went to see the latest installment of the Harry Potter saga, you likely saw the ad for this much anticipated film version of the beloved Maurice Sendak story ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘. This movie also had a rocky ride getting to the distribution point. The project floundered until Spike Jonze signed on, and then focus groups found the film too scary for the target group of school-age children. After two false release dates, it is now slated to hit theaters in October of 2009… an auspicious date for little monsters everywhere.

(the song featured on this trailer is by Canadian indie group Arcade Fire.. ‘Wake Up’)

3. Okay, first, just how freakin’ great is Meryl Streep? There is no quantifying it. The woman is a believable Italian housewife, an authentically hateable Park Avenue exec, a goofball, a nun, a nutcase, a tough female aristocrat making it in Africa. And in every role, that fabulous face makes you, like, believe it. Add to the soaring stratosphere of Streep the sincere charms of Amy Adams, & how can you go wrong? I’ll admit, as a blogger and someone who has a rather developed appreciation of things-you-consume, this film is right up my alley. meet ‘Julia & Julia‘.


4. Lastly, we’re back to this film now playing in a theater near you. Despite my love of action and adventure, there’s something deeply satisfying about a well-executed romantic comedy, and Katherine Heigl has a talent for hitting this genre  right outta the park. (I would be ashamed to admit how many times I’ve watched ’27 dresses’. Ashamed, and a little bit proud.) Here’s the trailer for ‘The Ugly Truth‘. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Movies I’m superbly excited about

  1. I heard you say you dislike listening to the sound of your own voice. May I say I like the way it sounds…reminds me of Mary Steenburgen…who is married to Ted Danson. I thought you might have included 500 Days of Summer since it won a Sundance Award. Or maybe because I am waiting for it to move from Hollywood to my local South Bay (Redondo Beach) theater.

  2. I’m really looking forward to Julie & Julia. I enjoyed the book much more than I expected to.

    The Gilliam film, hard to know. Some of his stuff is genius, and some of it resembles nothing so much as a train wreck. So we’ll have to see how this one turns out.

    I’m puzzled about Where the Wild Things Are…it seems like such a small book to turn into a film, but it might be great. I also saw a preview at Harry Potter for another book that was turned into a film, “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”. Much less well known book, but charming and fun. The movie seems fairly different, but I guess that’s to be expected when you take a picture book and make it into a full length movie.

    I saw 500 Days of Summer, and I didn’t love love love it, but I did like it. There were some technical problems in the theater, so I almost wonder if I’d warm up to it more if I were to see it again. That happens sometimes.

  3. They all look great. The story behind the Gilliam production is interesting, I recently saw an interview with him on CNN.

    You forgot to mention G.I. Joe – how could you do that?

  4. 1) I’d plunk my money down for anything with Gilliam’s name attached; right from back when he did Time Bandits. Fantastic film visionary.
    2) Sounds good & interesting; must track down the book. Sadly the video link was taken down.
    3) Much as this outwardly appears to be a ‘chick-flick’ I think it’ll find a wider appeal in large part because Streep gives it added currency. As in, if she’s interested in the role it must be good. She is freakin’ great. And having Nora Ephron on board certainly can’t hurt.
    4) I’m only familiar with Heigl from TV but on your recommendation I’d see it. My wife thinks she’s about the most beautiful woman on screen today and loves her acting. Damn, that video is down too.

  5. Ron in L.A.- Just the ad they keep running is too much of the movie for me. ;) You’re a brave dad to face the full length feature.

    Rebecca- I like Mary Steenburgen, so I’ll take that as a compliment. You know, I hadn’t heard much about that movie till you and then J mentioned it.

    mad- That sort of comment is why I find you unreasonably likable.

    anhinga- I can’t freakin’ *wait* for Julie & Julia. The more teasers I see, the more I want to watch it.

    J- ditto on Julie and Julia, I didn’t know it was a book! I do know what you mean about Terry Gilliam- I like the only movies of his I’ve seen so far (time bandits & Mony Python, Holy Grail) but the man himself sort of irritates me- in the few interviews I saw on Youtube. I don’t know why. There’s some basic thing about his character that surfaces and sets me on edge. But I don’t think that necessarily bodes ill for this project. Creativity can spring unsullied from any source with astonishing alacrity; nuns and nitwits alike.

    Stevo- I guess… it just slipped my mind. ;)

    Norm- 1. I’m with you on the Time Bandits thing.
    2. Yeah. I would replace them but i already did that once on The Ugly Truth, and now it seems fated.
    3. Oh yeah! I didn’t even mention Ephron. Both of these actresses: Jody Foster, Meryl Streep- can make me interested in films I usually wouldn’t want to see. But I’d want to see this one anyway.
    4. She has a sort of calming look. Your eyes rest on her easily, she seems confident and whole even when she’s the center of attention. I’ve heard of this movie that it’s got a lot of very funny but very raunchy moments… which aligns with some of her other films. (Knocked Up, for example)

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