6 thoughts on “by request

  1. Several years ago, while I was still in the military, I dated a girl from a small town just outside of Mobile, Alabama. She had absolutely the sweetest, most genteel, delicate, subtle little southern accent I have ever heard in my life.

    I told her a couple of times she could cuss me up one side and down the other and I would still come back for more.

    Your voice is like THAT!
    you’re so good to me Am. : )

  2. I know this takes some work, but if you did podcasts, I definitely would subscribe. Even if all you did was read Dr. Seuss. Especially if you read Dr. Seuss.

  3. Geez – I picked a heck of a week to be unplugged; lots of catching up to do.
    Thanks for picking up on the requests cuz this is pretty great. Wonderful to hear your voice again. Loved your description of your dollar store adventure, plus the reading.

    @ anhinga – Am’s attraction isn’t just nationwide; it’s an international aural lovefest, baby!

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