It’s one of those days when…

I probably couldn’t figure out something interesting to say to save my life.

It’s actually cold outside, colder than …




~sigh~ penguin balls? A witch’s titty? I’ve got nothin’, weebles, nothing. The voracious brain-sucking angel has been hereabouts, and left only a vacuous glare and some Twix wrappers in his wake. (brain-sucking angels like twix bars. Another reason to boycott that candybar and their horrifically stupid ad campaign which depicts women everywhere as gullible dim-bulbs, easily bagged and manipulated by self-congratulatory meatheads.)

I will share, then. Share something good. Share something that was shared with me by someone who understands the importance of words.



5 thoughts on “It’s one of those days when…

  1. This guy is good and I had never heard of him before.

    I do have a question for the ladies…Do you really like a guy to sit there, naked, in bed and to tell you a story or read to you allowed? Or to you guys, have you ever had a woman ask you to read to her as a prequel to more intimate activities? I don’t mean writing her a poem as a way to woo or to celebrate something. I mean to do so while in bed or the kitchen table or hot tub or wherever.

    This is not something I had heard of before but it reminds me of one of the few poems I had written in the past about fetishes and was just wondering.

  2. Sharing is good. Thank you.

    To Raolin: I love it when my husband tells me a story or reads to me because I love the sound of his voice and the way the sound of his voice makes me feel. He doesn’t have to be in bed or naked. That’s a bonus.

  3. Yeah, I feel the same way as Robin. There is such a pure pleasure to be derived from the timbre and variation of a loved one’s voice. I think… personally, I’d rather hear a story after being passionate, rather than before, cus otherwise sexual tension can be rather distracting, but something that can be super sexy is to take a phrase or a word you really love the sound of, and have them repeat it, slowly and with intention, changing the inflection slightly, building onto the tone until there’s the unbelievable rhythm and anticipation built… it’s a different kind of teasing, and it’s really sensual. (but only works if they have a voice that you really like)

  4. I really enjoyed all three videos and sent on a link to ‘Reading Allowed’ to someone I think would appreciate it too. Please don’t get me going about habits of speech that ‘Like Ya Know?’ so aptly describes and vilifies. Absolutely drives me nuts. ‘Labelling Keys’ is just a beautiful piece of writing, deft descriptor of personal idiosyncrasies, well and lovingly executed.

    Gotta hate it when those voracious brain sucking angels visit but sometimes, like this, there is an unexpected bonus. Thanks Amuirin.

  5. Bedtime and othertime reading aloud allowed and practiced here, use of audiobooks, too. (And the ipod and audiobooks have totally changed the work experience for me.)

    Storytelling, making stuff up and reading have always been and are such an enriching part of my relationship with my 9 year old, and now he is on fire with reading.

    Thanks for the post. Sprinkle some twixxes around the house, in the corners of the yard, on the window ledges, in the mailbox, under the dog house, by the ant hill. The angels will sniff them out, stay busy all night, maybe leave you alone.

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