Day 2

Day one went well. That’s not unusual. The novelty of starting something has a certain momentum. After a little success is when you get all relaxed and it’s like… ‘Bring me frothy drinks and sing my praises, bitches, for I doth rocketh.’

(This is why the addict never makes it on Survivor)

Two things:

(I think I’d rather try Roman Numerals)

I. Barbara Kingsolver says in one of her essays (from High Tide in Tucson) that surviving, or coming back to life after her divorce was a matter of being grateful for one little thing after another. This is highly paraphrased, I’m trying to remember. She looked at the world around her, and it was a flower, a sunset, a song, a smile, these small graces brought her back to life. *Gratitude*… the perspective of being grateful- seeking out the good.

A friend told me that basic same thing, yesterday. To keep looking for the light. Robin, over at Bountiful Healing consistently lists those things she is grateful for. Looking for the blessings in each day can very much change your attitude- which is kind of helpful when you’re trying to change your wiring.

II. This is my own program, so I’m going to write my own motivational literature. That might be a trial and error thing, so if you’re looking in, I don’t want any crap about the slogans. Some of them are likely designed specifically to be nauseating. That’s the author’s perogative.

This is my journey, I do not take it lightly.


6 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Don’t grasp it too hard, either. A little lightness can go a long way. But then, that’s my advice for me on my journey so it may not be useful for you.

    Gratitude has been a huge help for me when it comes to my own changes and addictive/self-destructive behaviors. I’m, uh, grateful for it. ;)

    I’m on a day 3 of my latest journey towards change. Day 3’s are notoriously sucky. I’ve decided not to let it be that way this time.

  2. Hey you’re not doing that Perricone diet thing, are you? Because that shit gets kind of tough after the second or third day. Nothing but dry chicken breast and Romaine sprinkled with a light vinegar.

  3. mad- Nope. My idea of a diet is juice instead of soda with a wholesome cheeto breakfast.

    Robin- It’s the same with new exercise regiments. That third day, all the aches have set in, but none of the strength is built up yet.

    I hope you master whatever you’re endeavoring to master. :)

  4. I feel like I’m coming out from under water where I’ve been drowning for the past two years — I’ve been suppressing grief over my father, floundering, and then all its own it came bubbling up and I feel very odd. I’m happier with my actual life than I’ve been for donkey’s years, yet every day I’m in tears, easily overwhelmed, and it’s not the now, it’s over stuff that happened two years ago…..the grief bubbling up like ground water…..better out than in, they say, but it feels odd. I think I just shut down emotionally then, left it until I was stronger or something. I’m only telling you this and hogging your post because like you, I made the decision a few days ago not to hold onto stuff……to fill it with helium and let it float off, I simply can’t be weighed down, I need energy for family, for work, for writing, I need a free mind. So I totally relate.

  5. Barbara Kingsolver doth rocketh as well!
    The Lizard in your header image is a good symbol for your journey— “explorer of the dream time”.
    I am so all about looking for daily blessings, it works.
    And laughter is a magic carpet that can carry us on this journey too.
    I won’t give you any crap about any slogans, promise.

  6. You jump into things with both feet, don’t you? I like your line of thinking, the gratefulness. If I could contribute just one other, it would be: Others.

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