s’posed ta

I’m s’posed ta say six things that make me happy.

But the fleghm is here, and it’s hard you know, hard not to state six times that freedom from fleghm makes me happy.

Am I misspelling fleghm? yes.


I am not feeling very… sparkly.


“Love is a meatball.”


4 thoughts on “s’posed ta

  1. Aww–and I thought all this time “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Or maybe that sparkly bit of advice from the movie Love Story is before your time. Yeah, it probably is. Now I’m feeling old today–blech!

    Hope your phlegm situation improves quickly!

  2. I don’t think I could actually come up with six things. Two, maybe. Hope you get your sparklies back real soon. (btw, I like this new look here.)

  3. Hallo Bo,

    Love Story isn’t much before my time.. and it’s a classic, so it’s timeless. See? Voila. Thanks for the get well wishes. :)

    mad- well, now you’re practically tagged. There’s got to be six things, what are you mister storm cloud? Dude, ice-cream! Adam Sandler movies! Weird music! The way well crafted words feel when they hit you between the eyes for the first time…

    sunshine. cuttlefish. Use your imagination. Imagination, there’s one!

    and thanks, I guess i’ll keep the look for awhile then.

  4. Well, shit, OK: 1) Any photograph from Garry Winogrand’s Women Are Beautiful; 2) Getting drunk with the music REAL LOUD; 3) Cycling down a mountain real fast; 4) not crashing; 5) riding a train) 6) decoding your posts.

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