A new song

I sift through my collection of melodies- songs that have sustained me, fired me up, bolstered me for a fight… songs to meditate and relax to. Songs to lose with. Songs for comfort’s sake.


And there’s some love songs, but they aren’t my songs, you know? The songs I keep going back to are surprisingly lonely songs. The most twosome sorts on that list are tunes that either apologize about leaving someone, or plaintive cries from someone whose been left. Or even the occasional song where two people agree to be lonely together.

I just don’t have the right song- a song that’s been waiting for someone to laugh with.

It’s not here.

So-  is that something maybe…: Does your music library prescribe a certain destiny?

I’m not saying its a direct cause and effect, but I think a person does kinda hafta have the capability to envision a happy ending before they can actually have one. I mean, if there’s no accommodation in place for a happily ever after, it’s like inviting guests into a bare apartment.

It feels late in the game to be picking out curtains for my heart compartment. I am wary of such an expanse of velour- but-

I think I can find a good song. 


7 thoughts on “A new song

  1. Finding the right song isn’t really a problem for me. I just fall back to Weird Al. What ever song I pick may not be the RIGHT song for any given situation but my attention span isn’t really that long so by the end of “Gump” or “White and Nerdy” my emotions have fluctuated enough that they ARE the right song.

  2. Songs are powerful. Even good ones take over and yank me somewhere I’m not ready to go. For now, all I’m listening to is my classical and jazz. ABBA sang the same words to me recently, but had oh so different messages than before. It was a musical holigram. Hold it one way it is perky and inspiring, another so sad. I think I can hold it only one way right now. I’ll try again later.

  3. Interesting. Most of the songs that have called out to me during my lifetime are those lonely, love gone wrong, type of songs. Even the instrumentals tend to be melancholy (Samba Pa Ti is a favorite).

    I think songs are one thing that change through our lifetime. I know my teen years had their own sound track and my college days had theirs. Somehow, when I married, my songs ceased and “his” took over. In the almost 18 years since, there have been brief periods where I find my songs but usually something rushes in to push them away.

    Very interesting post!

  4. mad- that sounds like fodder for a video blog. *nods*

    lea kelley- that’s awesome that you have that ability. It would sure come in useful, at times.

    Rao- I thought about that comment when I read it, and yer on the money, in part. Music does have a way of setting the mind to a certain key. I guess sometimes our mood decides the music, and sometimes the music decides the mood.

    anhinga- *hug*

    aefiel- I can’t think of any examples, but I bet you have some, music aficionado that you are.

    Corina- this happened before, when I wrote the daughter/eye glasses post, I hear all these interesting perspectives, but from your comment I know you know exactly what I mean.

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