Now I’m a big, huge deal, right?

When I checked into ‘Stop & Wander’ this morning, I noticed that my visitor count read 100,010 hits.

Dude, that’s a lot of weebles. Given, I started this blog up on June 16th, ’07 so it took about a year and 10 months to get all those zeroes. But it averages out to about 50,000 per year.

That’s sort of a hard integer to grasp.

So here’s a little context:

14,870,000  people visited Disneyland in 2007, so Stop & Wander was 1/297th as popular as Disneyland that year.

lol cats site: I Can Has Cheezburger received 1,500,000 hits a day at the height of its blog popularity in 2007. So- Stop & Wander was

1/30th of one/365th times as popular as I Can Has Cheezburger, –  *blinks*

Approximately 400,000 people are estimated to have attended Woodstock in 1969. So Stop & Wander had 1/8th as many annual visitors as the three day rock concert, which equals out to… on a daily, er- wait. No. *holds head*  Okay, if you times it by three, and factor the off- season-…   Urgh. The math just got too complicated, but…

basically S&W compares more favorably to hippy rock than it does to grammatically tragic and trussed-up kitty-cats.

All that information sort of reinforces how relative the nature of an impressive-assed number really is. But mostly I want to thank the repeat visitors, known in local slang as ‘weeble-kind’. You’ve made me feel consistently that this blog was worth the effort of writing each day, and that is an incomparable kindness.

Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Now I’m a big, huge deal, right?

  1. ugh… i feel so inadequate. I put my blog up nine days after you and only have 1/5th the number of visitors you have had.

    i think I need to throw in a few more posts on muppet sex and rhinoceros g-strings.

    Congratulations Am… that’s really cool.

  2. Muppet sex is where it’s at. I may start a new blog just on that topic and cash in your success.

    Congrats, that’s a lot of people. I think my numbers are about the same – I can’t remember what my first blog did during the first year.

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