Knocked Up @ 1:46 am

I just watched the movie ‘Knocked Up‘ for the first time. Gosh. Y’know, it looked like something different in the ads than what it was, or maybe …

I donno, the most unrealistic thing about it, I think, was how honest everyone is in that movie. In real life, people can’t be that honest all the time. It would be interesting if they could, but the lead actors actually made that freakish honesty seem pretty realistic- for them.

Otherwise- yeah, there’s crude humor and funny parts (which I pretty much loved), but most of the time I was just riveted. It seemed pretty accurate to me- the fears and the weirdness and the plain old surrealness of that whole baby experience. How lost the situation makes people feel, and how that lostness often expresses itself as hostility.

It was a really good movie. It was. I think it would probably seem good at a normal hour, too, but mostly I think a lot of people would relate to it, particularly anyone for whom the whole reproducing scenario didn’t go quite as they may have hoped or expected.

(In other words, this movie is highly relatable for like… 97% of all parents.)


7 thoughts on “Knocked Up @ 1:46 am

  1. The movie would have been better if they didn’t have so much swearing in it. Every film with Seth Rogen seems to have tons of foul language and that doesn’t really add anything good to my experience but takes away from it.

  2. noheroicsplease- I can see how you’d say that, and probably a lot of people would feel that way.

    But I wouldn’t change it. When Rogen’s character goes from talking so calmly to her in the bathroom, to his filthy, threatening call to the doctor… omg! There’s something about him, that honesty thing again. His friends and their crudeness made me a little uncomfortable, but he seems so genuine, the way he talks just kills me.

    Seth Rogen is on the rise the way Will Ferrell was a few years ago, but I couldn’t stand Will Ferrell, and I’ve loved all of Rogen’s movies, so far.

    jo- the end was great. And that baby during the end credits was so cute, it should have been illegal.

  3. Also… I’m looking at IMDB- and not *all* of Seth Rogen’s movies are like that. He’s done a crapload of kids movies, which surprised me. Kung fu Panda, Monsters and Aliens, The Spiderwick Chronicles (Hogsqueal), Horton Hears a Whoo!, Shrek the Third, and… this isn’t really to his credit, but… an episode of ‘Dawson’s Creek’.

  4. Well, I was just saying that the excessive swearing in many of his films gets too much. Normally, I don’t mind swearing/dirty jokes and so on but sometimes he just takes it overboard.

    Btw I loved “Pineapple Express” and enjoyed “Zack and Miri…” and the cartoons. Thank God he can’t swear in those! :)

  5. I liked Knocked Up. Very cute. I didn’t really see the hot chick ending up with the loser guy, but then again, looking around in the real world, it certainly seems to happen often enough, doesn’t it?

  6. I actually refused to watch it because I am totally offended by the phrase “knocked up”. Always have been and probably always will be. It’s a generational thing, I’m sure.

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