Feet and toes….


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Saw ybonesy’s  pink toenails and wanted to write. I thought, ‘coral pink’ for the toe-nail polish, but I’ve never really seen a pink coral, it just looks right.

My feet are important.. well. Yeah. Duh. But I mean, if anyone’s ever had a burn on their foot, or a lame toe or something, you know little can obstruct your life so much as a hurt foot. Feet are important. I just wrote about hurting my foot and having orchid fella heal it with a touch, then he was all limpy-limpy. I find a foot massage to be a nearly orgasmic experience if handled right. My feet are sensitive, certain parts are definitely erogenous zones, other bits just feel odd when touched. Having my feet touched by the right person is a huge luxury. Wonderful feel.

When I climax, I store energy or tension in my feet. It’s true. I can get sort of the equivalent of a Charley-horse in the center of my foot. My mom had planter’s feet, a dubious legacy, and I hafta do special stretches and use a pumice stone now and again to try and keep that from happening. Briefly, in jazzercize, my shoes were too old, gave bad support, and I got the more horrible cramps ranging from the very center zone of my foot. The pain was absolutely unbearable… crippling. I don’t remember any of that from being young. Put on your shoes and goooo! Go, go, go! But now the tootsies require a lot more caring for. Special stretches, especially along the heel to keep the foot limber and from that horrible cramping. Moisturizer in the winter months, cus the damn heater dries things out.

You don’t know how easy youth is till you realize you hafta be mindful of your damn feet as a grown-up. It’s not a big price to pay though, for mobilization… and they are sexy. They are, even with E.T. sort of toes, they are sexy feet. Still pretty cute, not the horny, haggard grotesque- things that some boyfriends have had. Why don’t men seem to take care of their feet the same way? Occupational hazard? I know one ex wore steel-toes boots, and another seemed to have a toe-nail fungus that didn’t bother him but it bothered me. “Don’t touch your feet to my feet!” Sometimes the toes are just all misshapen. I guess I was lucky not to have my feet go all deformed… cus when my bottom teeth went crooked that’s all I could think about, obsessing on how this once perfect thing got all cattywampus, but now I have feet! Feet to be grateful for!

Although for awhile there I couldn’t afford a proper computer chair, so I had a hard kitchen chair, and I end up sitting indian-style… cross legged on the chair cus it’s more comfortable and then, when that happens, it actually gives you callouses on the side of your feet after a time. Which isn’t sexy. I told my ex that. He had a fascination. Not a foot fetish, or if it was, it was a self-inspired foot fetish. He never found feet sexy before, but we described something that might be done under the table, and hoo-boy. He was gone after that. I was intrigued, but maybe not as excited as he would have been. Anyway, it became important after that not to develop callouses on the side of the feet cus they look all bizarre and shit,  and I had to stay foot-sexy. But I think that indian-cross-legged-side-foot callous thing was more historical then anybody considered at the time.

Bet I had that little quirk in common with Ghandi.


This is a free-write, inspired by red Ravine where they ask you to just write for fifteen minutes about the topic at hand, never stopping or thinking. You can post if you want, and edit if you choose. I edited some glaring typos, but left the content in place. The point is, sometimes in a straight free-write you have wonderful break-throughs and get in touch with a sort of primal mind which is usually edited out of being. But… reading this over, I’m afraid I just had a ramble, nothing staggering. Kind of like Sniffles the Mouse visits a shoe-shop.

Give it a go, if you like. Head your paper ‘Everything I know about feet and toes…’ then ready, set, write!


3 thoughts on “Feet and toes….

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  2. First, what a great photo!

    Jim gets Charley horses all the time up his legs, so he eats a lot of bananas (potassium) and Emergen-Cs. I only get them in my feet, usually my left foot, smack between my big toe and the second toe. And I often get them while writing, sitting in that same position as you describe.

    I don’t know what plantar’s feet are, but I do know what plantars warts are. My girls each got a terrible case of them for a while, and Jim treated them. He’s like the wart father. He takes care of things like that, putting on wart medicine each night, washing it off. The warts went away on both my daughters. I don’t know how they got them, but I do know it’s a virus and will probably come back during their lives.

    Jim has flat feet, as do my daughters to some extent. They get achy feet when they run. We need to get new orthodics for their shoes. It can cost a lot to take care of feet. Jim’s orthodics were so expensive. But it’s worth it. Feet are too important to neglect.

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