Quick Glance of the Stunning Sun

I intend to write something today, but for now… took this picture the day before yesterday on the most perfect evening. Lots of people were out on the beach, and it was later, nearly eight o’clock.  They were soaking up the magic, their skins glowing in the copper fire. The waves were big, but it was strangely still; and it was warm until the sun sank beneath the horizon. The night’s chill turned me home.



How often is the world this perfect?



9 thoughts on “Quick Glance of the Stunning Sun

  1. mad- you might be right, but it would take an awful long time to get tired of it.

    Robin- I wish you coulda seen it! Your camera would have found some serious magicalness.

    Corina- too true, and y’know… even while I was down there, i was thinking I should get home to get some stuff done before my kid-free time ran out.

    Hard to kick the hurried habit.

  2. :-) Not Often. Brings an easy smile to the face. The triple lines in the top hal of the picture (water edge, horizon and that some what flat bottom darker cloud just below the sun) Kinda brings the focus to the sun at the top and the sand at the bottom.

    Sun photographs are always pleasant to me. You can get a warmth from them that you just can’t get from many other sources. (It’s weird but I think a bightly lit honeycomb comes the closest.)

  3. Rao- i know exactly what you mean about honeycomb pictures… they hafta be angled a certain way to catch light, but they are kinda like… sunlight distilled.

    Stevo- Oh, i do, i do!

    david- I actually did. I took about twenty, but that one was the most beautiful. The thumbnail I added was the most vivid. It’s even better in the big version.

    mad- :)

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