Recent Search Terms

advice to someone who undresses you 1 – Make it memorable, big-boy.

where can i get cockles 1 – sells just about everything, nowadays.

h.m head case 1 – Lemme guess… Paula Abdul’s private cruise ship?

princessa 1 – *grins* Oh, go on.

i like to eat soap how can i stop 1 – what is this, the Mouth Bleach Diet?

stop being so sensitive 1 – I can’t HELP it! They keep *looking* at me…

extreme ball buster 1 – Well, I’m working toward my certificate.

stevos penis 1 – I don’t wish to embarrass a fine, fellow blogger, but I get this search about once a week. What gives? (and gives and gives?)

omg you’re fucked 1 – Well aren’t you a right little ray of sunshine…

bugbear puss 1 – Nope. Exotic animal fetishists, you want the blog across the hall.

queen wishes 1 – Somethin’ about cake, tarts and beheading.

make a girl horny poem 2 – Hm. What rhymes with McConaughey?

“poking yr own eyes” definition 1 – Stupid. adj.

perpetually bored 1 – Yep, we aim to stultify.

why should you never pick up hitchhikers 1 – Cus… they smell like sauerkraut?

amazing creature 1 – *preens* Why, thank you.

dial yogurt body wash doesnt work well 1 – *snorts* Couldn’t get the fruit off the bottom, eh?

www bazooms it 1 – No go, but ‘’ was all like, ka-ching.

hard bug shells on plant that bleed red 1 – I don’t really know you, but you sound pretty warped.

what is anal floss 1 – Do you really, really want to know? Cus I can totally live in the dark on this one.

big boom meteor 1 – Big boom meteor zop face-crater in earth. “Kreeeeeee… *WHOMP!*” Make big fire; smash Nissan. Krakow.


9 thoughts on “Recent Search Terms

  1. Anal Floss: Slang for string bikini. The kind where you don’t see the string running up the crack because it’s “flossing” the cheeks. It’s fine on most females but your plumber should never wear theses. Not to be confused with anal Bleaching, that’s a completely different beast.

    Look up soap eating on you tube…Guess it’s a sexual fetish of somesort….(shudders) To each his/her own…I guess

    bugbear puss??? You know a bugbear is a creature from the DnD monster manual don’t you. Not as cute as it would seem. I’ll see if I can dig up a picture somewhere.

    FYI your post gave me the first grin of the day.

  2. Rao- You *would* know that. I’m glad it’s that and not something… else.

    The soap fetish isn’t nearly the worst one I’ve heard of, but how the heck do you get aroused from gnawing on Irish Spring? Donno.

    Glad to be your first smile. :)

    Mad- scroll down. Now we know, and we can never un-know, y’know?

  3. I’m glad to see the tales of Little Stevo have finally gone big-time! Once a week? Goodness me.

    My search terms are so tame (except the ones related to feet) compared to yours.

  4. LOL!

    I am so glad I stopped by here today. I’ve been in a bleak mood, probably due to today’s rain. Thank you for making me laugh.

    I’m pretty sure you have the best search terms ever.

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