Today’s tidbit

Put on some clothes. It won’t kill you.


15 thoughts on “Today’s tidbit

  1. Steve-O- Well, I back the naked blogging cause, true enough, but… when the last t is crossed, and the last sentence properly mangled, even *I* hafta admit that some activities in life do, in fact, require clothing.

    Fire-fighting, for instance.

    mad- I tawt I taw a puddy-mad.

    Rao- what, no tie?

    jules- *squeezes your cheeks* (northern region cheeks)
    (if you were wonderin’)

    Paul- Well, no. You seem oddly… proper in the nude.

    anhinga- I’m not usually a chuckle-sort-of-person, but your comment changed all that.

    Robin- lol, I never thought people would take so unkindly to the clothing notion.\

    Corina- How do you *find* these things? That’s marvelous.

  2. Tie? When ever did I wear a tie. Unless I was wearing my Dress Greens, and even then I couldn’t wait to take the damn thing off. I think I’m still wearing those same socks. Only now they have a hole that my big toe has worn thru the right one, the elastic is broke and they wont stay up anymore. Maybe if I wear them one more day they will be stiff enough to stay up on their own…..

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