if you stopped

If you stopped here on the way to do something else, today I’d kinda wave you along (smiling). Pause under the kaleidoscope vault if you’re tired, and rest, or linger a minute to see if there’s anyone close with a message to pass on to you, but-

headache and love make me quiet. Both. I’m pushing out today, but bundled in soft clothes and a little ring of pause, cus my head makes me feel fragile, like I need a little space though the morning cool and the oddly skipping, irreverent beat of Tuesday beckons.

You could come out of any day being someone else at the end, you know. That’s two parts fear and two parts inspiring to me, but probably any stand-out moments will fade into the tapestry of you, and you won’t be so much altered as evolving.

So be careful with you, but walk quick today. The sap is rising. When you head out of here in a moment more, you will feel it.


5 thoughts on “if you stopped

  1. Interesting, that’s about what my horoscope said. I hope you come out of today as you, though. And stay bundled up because it’s a little chilly out there.

  2. I’ve got a headache too. I went for a long, long time without any but now I’m paying for it. It seems that most days I have a headache and have to take something for it even though I try not to.

    Perhaps tomorrow there will be no headache!

  3. I like the idea of another day, another me. Not that I am unsatisfied with who I am, but sometimes the Wednesday me doesn’t even recognize the Tuesday me, you know?

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