Wednesday, briefly

Despite having matured in many regards, it still moves me disproportionately when someone reads my favorite book, or listens to a song that I love. It’s not yet even in my eagerness, though, the reciprocal impulse- like a child I really want to share what I love, but sometimes hafta muster up a courteous enthusiasm when given similar recommendations.

Maybe that’s a family thing. Both me and my sibling seem to be that way, displaying an odd hesitancy when introduced to some form of the arts. My brother’s taste is freakishly similar. We’ve gone our own ways, and have tremendously different lives but we still end up finding the same obscure band, or discover we’ve read the same great book. It’s weird though: He’ll give me a homemade c.d. for Christmas, and I’ll give him a cherished book and it can take a year or two to actually look it over, discover it. That’s comfortable, and I donno why; why I need that bumper of non-expectation before I can settle into a guided discovery.

And that’s part of this week’s efforts, probably. Sharing. Listen to this! Read this! I know full well how irritating it must look to presume anyone’s listening when I’ve spent precious little time sparing my attention in blog world, these previous weeks. But surprising windfalls can result from the effort. These blog-things hang out here awhile; they have their own in-grown bumper time. That’s nice.

Today I’m half astounded to discover someone unexpectedly checked out my favorite book.

When? Why? How come? Donno. He didn’t say much.

But still, count me gratified.

I’d like to take a swipe at reciprocation for *your* time and attention. If you throw a recommendation down in comments, be it a book or a song you really love, I’ll make the effort.

Just remember, it may take a little time. Now… that said, you gotta check out this awesome tune and whimisical video.  ;)


16 thoughts on “Wednesday, briefly

  1. Hah! I am the same way. So stubbornly resistant to suggestions. Which is why I have not clicked on yours :-) Well, that and I am in the middle of listening to a really cool album and I don’t want to stop it :-)

    AWESOME image at the top BTW. What is it?

  2. Downside of reading blogs on an iPod–no flash player. It’s just a blank spot. Sorry.

    . I am reading what I talk about when I talk about running by haruki murakami and listening to over my head by the fray, if that means anything.

  3. mad- Damn, cus I bet you’d really like that video. I love the fray. I donno if that means anything, either.

    Stevo- River Town… added to my list!

    tgp- well???? what’s the really cool album? do tell. That’s the top of a painting of a vivid, tree-lined lane with two lovers walking under an umbrella. I saw it on google images. I wasn’t as taken by the whole photo as by the patterns and colors of the leaves contrasting in the upper part, so I’m really glad you like it.


  4. My brother and I are the same way. As kids we weren’t that close so it surprises me that his taste in music is very similar to mine. He periodically will send me a YouTube vid that I think is just as amazing as he does yet everyone around us might think, “so.”

    He also has a similar eye when it comes to photography. THAT… is pretty eerie. It’s weird to see some of his images and I think, “that’s exactly how I would have shot that.”

    Anyway, that’s what jumped out at me in this post.

    And now… a favorite musician. This guy is somewhat of a friend… we know each other from music circles here in Houston. His name is Matt Harlan and you can find some of his songs on MySpace. What’s amazing about Matt is his ability to write such great songs at such a young age… he’s only about 29 or so. I highly recommend “waiting for godot” when you get to his page.

  5. I give suggestions a quick look-see but if it doesn’t appear to be something I won’t enjoy, I skip it, even when highly recommended because I don’t always share others’ opinions/tastes in books, music, etc. Ex: Someone commented on my blog a little while back, that I should read Annie Lamott. I have tried to read her several times over the years but I find her writing cannot keep my attention. I’ve tried her fiction and her non fiction and I cannot get past the first 20 pages of anything she has written. I’ve tried to like it. Tried it, really really, really, but just don’t.

  6. My sister (long ago) gave me “Animal Dreams”, by Barbara Kingsolver, for Christmas or a birthday or something. I read the back, though, “huh”, and put it on the shelf for 2 or 3 years. She forgot she gave it to me, and gave it to me again. I figured that was a clue that she REALLY liked it, and read it. I LOVED it, and then I read “The Bean Trees” and “Pigs In Heaven”, prompting me to write the ONLY fan letter I’ve ever written to an author. LOVED them all. Her more recent stuff, not so much.

    I also loved loved loved “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, so much that a few years ago I gave it as a gift, and found myself feeling jealous of the person receiving it, because she was about to read it…for the first time.

    Music? I really really like “Beyond the Missouri Sky”, and you can’t go wrong with the White Album. New stuff? Not so sure. Kinda like Adele.

  7. J- After your last comment, I donno if you’ll believe this, but… Animal Dreams. That’s the one my friend read, the one I was referring to in this post.

    I think… I shall read it again soon.

    Norm- i know, I loved the lyrics. Gratified that you liked it enough to go check them out. Never heard of Roxanne Potvin… will check that out.

    I’m going to take a look at all these recommendations, in fact. Over time. Leave this post up as on open thread where suggestions can be added.

    & Corina,… you clearly gave it as much of a try as anyone could be expected to give. I laughed a bit at your ongoing insistence in the your comment that you *really* tried. Yes, yes you did. At ease, soldier.

  8. Now I don’t have a single favorite but I have books I read when I was younger that I go back to on occasion because I still really like them.

    Ok here are my recommendations:

    Jumper by Steven Gould. I admit I liked the movie ONLY because I loved the book when I was younger. (Reflex came out recently and is good as well.)

    The Thread That Binds the Bones by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
    The Silent Strength of Stones also By Nina Kiriki Hoffman
    Both of these are kinda like Twilight only better written and are more about earthy witchcraft.

    Lifter By Crawford Kilian (also Brother Jonathan that I read only because I dug the book)

    Something a little more Hard Fiction:

    Psion (1982), Catspaw (1988), and Dreamfall (1996) by Joan D. Vinge these are great just for their social interaction between an outcast Psion and the rest of the future society in the series.

    On a Pale Horse by Piers Anthony. (Book one of the Incarnations of Imortality)
    Also by Anthony the Bio Of a Space Tyrant series.
    And one more By Anthony is the stand alone Mute.

    All of the Recluce sage By L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

    I can go on all day here. Foster, Dean Ing, Clark, Brooks…

    Go back and re-read Harry Potter In under a week. (did this just before I read the last book. Was deployed at the time and I do read fast)

    Don’t ever ask a reader to recommend “A” book.

  9. So many books, I will just pluck from some still reserving a place in my memory: Mother Night & God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (Vonnegut), The Beans of Egypt Maine (forgot author), The Bean Tree (Kingsolver) What is it with beans? Silent Retreats (Philip Deaver), After Life (Rhian Ellis), Unexplained Laughter (Alice Thomas Ellis) What is it with Ellis? Dust Tracks on a Road (Zora Neale Hurston)

    There are so many more, but that should get you started.

  10. I enjoyed the song and video. Thank you. :)

    I’ll come back when I can think of something to recommend. I’m drawing a complete blank at the moment.

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