Leprechaun Tuesday

I’m a little late. Had to finish the video for today.

Well, on the one hand it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so if you aren’t having green beer for breakfast… (then you’re a lucky cat).

I haven’t figured out the food part today, yet. I’ve barely figured out my name yet, but will probably go with Raisin Bran, cus it requires little anything.

For Tuesday, I had to have an obnoxious song, but  I made an effort to connect you all with the artist’s vision by posting the lyrics… as I hear them.  Not sure they’re all quite er, accurate but… how do you think I did?

Okay. I’m not particularly bright and shiny this morning, so will skip any transference of great wisdom onto weeble-kind, let’s skip straight to things to do today.

1. (obviously) Make things green! Co-workers and family will likely be delighted at your efforts to turn previously appetizing food and beverages a fine mold tinge today. Get creative! Pesto, food-coloring, pistachio pudding, today’s the day to use these things not wisely, but oh so well.

2. Today is a good day to pinch someone whose been irritating you for a really long time. It doesn’t really matter what they’re wearing. Judges rarely prosecute people for acceptable holiday traditions, and you can plead color-blindness if your angst-provider happens to be wearing green coveralls and a leprechaun tie. Actually, if you see someone wearing that, pinch them whether you like them or not. They have it coming.

3. On a more kind-hearted note… any holiday provides a good reason to make some cards and go visit your local assisted living facility. It’s amazing how much having a visitor can brighten an older person’s day. Life is pretty lonely on the fringes of things, and a splash of color might mean a few minutes effort for you, but make someone’s week, month or decade. And in how many instances do we non-elf, non-leprechaun sorts get to spread a little magic and cheer. It’s totally worth it.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


2 thoughts on “Leprechaun Tuesday

  1. Actually, all three of your suggestions are worthy, with #3 standing out… or, as the song you provided suggests, we would “hag it out all night”. I’m grateful that this is one of those times I don’t know what that means. God, how I love rap.

  2. Hey Am – I thought you did very well at picking out the lyric; much better than I’d have done. You done good in purposely choosing an obnoxious song. It fit the description. Nice work; that hurt my sensitive ears.

    I too liked suggestion #3. Hope someone plays that forward when I get cooped up in the home – probably sooner that I’d like to imagine.

    Yesterday (St Paddy’s) would have been 30 years for my first wife and I so I sent her an email wishing her well and marking the day. Within a few hours I had her good wishes in my inbox. Nice that we can be friendly still after all these years apart. (21 or 22.) She’ll be in town later this month so maybe we’ll have her over for dinner.

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