Monday of days

Day started with this, an idea Corina told me about:

Cinnamon Oatmeal
(the old fashioned way)

Not so complicated. When you start the water, before it starts boiling, put the dash of salt & throw some cinnamon in there too.

Makes the house cozy-fragrant. Boil the oats. If you like brown-sugar, 2 teaspoons per serving works ok, and throw some raisins in too, for sweetener. I sprinkle flax seeds on the top, and sometimes some walnut pieces, cus I like the crunchy. Goooooood mornin’!

Today’s music, just for you (two songs) (but totally worthwhile auditory time investment).

What I’m having for lunch: Uhhh…

What we’re having for dinner: Pasta.  Angel hair pasta with parmesan sauce. A mind-boggling salad with cucumbers, romaine, tomatoes, green onions and little itty bitty carrot medallions that I’ll cut myself, so there might be finger bits in there too. I would love some crusty, home made bread with all this, but it’s a family birthday so I doubt I’ll escape the day cake-free.

K, each day this week I’ll post a blurb, and three ideas of STUFF TO DO, that might enrich your life, or at least make your throat tickle.

So like, last night I evolved. That’s right, you weren’t just imagining my sloped forehead… No, there’s this patience building game called ‘Human Age’ that Robin introduced me to a month or so ago. I’d been spending some time at it each day, trying to get my character strong and competent. It takes awhile at first. Finally, she was all established in the opening world, and had built the strength and ability to kick people’s asses competently, and make big loot, and that was enjoyable. I was just going to hang out there for awhile and flex my mastery. And suddenly, yesterday, I was just so freakin done with that. It was time to go, time to be helplessly new and inept again. I couldn’t stay in that place another moment.

It got too small.

It’s just a game, but… I was a little proud to choose patheticness in age two over the known and previously navigated route. It kinda restarted my energy and enthusiasm, and I find that attitude still lingering around this morning.

Sometimes being comfortable is the very worst thing to be.

Stuff you could DO today

1. Get you some marshmallows, and pop a few in the microwave. Set it on 40 seconds. If you haven’t done this before it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

2. Volunteer at your local library or food share. They could use you, trust me.

3. Paint your toe-nails alternating colors in jarring combinations. If you have an eleven year old daughter, this has probably already been done for you.

And have a terrific day.


9 thoughts on “Monday of days

  1. Since you’re on a health kick, I thought I’d share my Amazing and Completely Fat-Free Vegetable Dip (which also makes incredible baked potato topping)

    The base for the dip is unsweetened nonfat plain yogurt — I usually use Nancy’s. If you put a blob of in in a cheesecloth overnight, the extra liquid drains out, and you have something with a consistency almost exactly like sour cream. Now, for the dip, use 1 cup of that, and mix with:

    1/2 tsp dried dill
    2 tbsp lime or lemon juice
    2 tsp crushed garlic
    1/4 tsp salt
    a little bit of fresh ground pepper

    … it’s addictive, and completely healthy.

  2. David’s dip and Corina’s oatmeal sound delicious. I’ll have to give ’em both a try.

    I enjoyed the music. Thank you. :)

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the game. It sounds like you’re doing well. I had a rough time for a while. I tried the first quest too early, got beat up, lost my money, and then got robbed almost every day for a couple of weeks. I finally got my character built back up (poor woman!). I’m farming. And as soon as I can change jobs again without paying a bribe, I’ll go back to that first quest and kick its ass.

  3. That is the only way to eat oatmeal. (With the sugar and rasins and a dab of butter)

    I couldn’t get into Human age. Not sure why. But like Robin I tried the quests way to early and lost money. Lost inetrest there mostly but then got an e-mail saying my character was dieing. I basically shrugged and thought let it.

    The microwave thing and marshmallows are great. Plus you can then add gram crackers and chocolate bits and make micro smores.

    Are Black and white stripes Jarring?

  4. Robin- Yeah, without the skills, some of those quests were impossible. I got warned early on to build skills first, so that helped me get through fast.

    Age two is a little more complicated. I won’t give anything away, except, when you get there, avoid this trap that I guess everyone falls for: Unlike age 1, the conservation does *not* refresh when you buy and sell in age two. (I ended up with a bunch of nearly expired goods. CRAP!)

    They should really warn people when the rules abruptly change. ;)

    Mad- Duly noted. (but maybe avoid the fuschia shades, just to be sure)

    Raolin- Oh, yer talkin’ about PORRIDGE. I donno why, but when it’s thick enough to put a pat of butter on the top, it evolves from the regular oatmeal status.

    Black and white stripes… hm. I think you could probly pull that off. Or… maybe you already have? ;)

  5. These days, I’m forced to meet my dietary needs with Boost, but if I had my druthers, I’d be drinking Jack Daniels and wrestling alligators.

    But I digress…

  6. porridge smorridge, it says oatmeal on the tube thingy it comes in. It even has the little quaker dude. And yes I like it thick. Oooohhh that didn’t sound right.

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