Google collection

When I see a google logo I like, I pop it in a folder. Faves:


















11 thoughts on “Google collection

  1. The best un official one is the following. I don’t know where it originaly came from but it’s pretty accurate.

    May not be safe for work. The O’s are represented by bikini clad breasts. Yes a little sexist but I’m not gonna lie that I AM a little bit sexist.

  2. Shame on you, Raolin… I would …ummm… *never* dream of…ummm… looking at such…ummmm…things. I’m shocked, T tell you…ummm… shocked!

  3. Well Bob I find it’s better to just be who you are than trying to shove the crude, lude, embarrassing parts of yourself into a tiny portion of your brain and locking it away only to be let loose momentarily when no one else is around.

    (hehe yes I know you were being facetious.)

  4. Your Google collection is fanciful and cool, and it takes no space on the wall nor drawers, nor scrapbooks. Thanks for sharing. I, too, love their art. Scream has got to be my favorite.

  5. Raolin- You *would* know just where to find that. ;)

    Bob- thou dost protest too much…

    Stevo- Yeah.. but I’d like to see an Edgar Allen Poe themed one.

    mad- I feel that way about my banker, Arnold.

    A Gambler- Well, I’m happy yer happy and all that jazz.

    anhinga- *grins* one day, I’ll show you my chess set collection. It takes up some space, but I bet you’d like it,

    Hi Julia, welcome to Stop & Wander. The Seuss one is super cute.

    Brad- Gosh. Probably. I’m trying to resist the urge to google that.

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