I did an excellent job making lush, healthy meals yesterday. Excellent.

But there’s a roach in the honey souffle- here it is:

It’s full moon day. Full moon day! Ya. So basically, while I haven’t given into temptation as of yet, all I *really* want today is something with the words ‘triple chocolate’ in the title.


I donno if you know what the deal is with the full moon. Women probly get it. Men might be shaking their heads goin’… “What? Do they turn into chocolate vampires or somethin’?”

Basically. Basically I and many like me are a lot more likely to grow fangs and a casualty list during certain times if chocolate (in single, double, or triplicate) remains too scarce.

Lets leave the rest to mystery.

…i had this whole thing planned out. It coulda been dress rehearsal for life coaching. I had ideas. Music. Recipes.


Next week. Next week maybe. Or tomorrow.

You never know what kinda messed up shit can happen on a Tuesday.


7 thoughts on “postponed

  1. Just so you know – I voted Cookies and Cream because Gold Medal Ribbon wasn’t on there :-)

    You and me and the kitties – full moonies :-) One square of Dove dark actually does just fine for me. Not even enough to blow a diet, but enough to satiate the need.

  2. Yeh, but the great news is IT’S NO LONGER FEBRUARY. As an extra added bonus, the days suddenly got a little longer. Not sure how that happened.

  3. Two words: “Ben & Jerry’s” or if you don’t like those two, about “Chunky Monkey”? After your first quart, all those other pesky feelings and desires will be temporarily sated. Go… run to your market! Do it now! Do it now!

  4. I admit that chocolate peanutbutter is my second fav. My true favorite is Baskins and Robbins Jamoca icecream. The scrumptious creamy, coffee, chocolate mix is such a tasty treat that I hate going to the mall due to my gravitating towards the stand to buy a pint or two (one for right then and there and one for later….Ok maybe it lasts 20 minutes.) and downing way more calories than I can work off that day or the next.

    As for the cooking I like to cook but my kitchen is way too small and when I do buy fresh items they tend to go to waste due to my inability to actually get off my ass and make something healthy. I’m not sure if my kitchen was better and I had better cooking instruments if I would actually feel more inclined to dig in and cook. I would much rather cook stuff I see on TV but I end up throwing cans of beans, fried burger, and seasonings together and calling it good eats.

  5. Thanks everyone who expressed gracious interest in this project, I actually started this week. If I can resist the Devil’s Food Cake tonight, then it’s a go. ;)

    Raolin- I really like Tillamook’s Chocolate Peanutbutter (and Brown Cow or udderly chocolate as they call it now), but none of them qualifies quite as a favorite. It’s just sometimes I won’t that kind and no other. I feel a little more strongly about Dove’s new specialty flavors, in the Ben and Jerry sized containers. I wouldn’t have hips if it weren’t for ice-cream. *nods*

    burger and beans? Gotta tell you… that just doesn’t sound very good. Do what the french do- buy enough ingredients for one day at a time. They they won’t go rottened.

    Bob- Amen! Don’t you worry, Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Crunch and I are jolly old acquaintances.

    Mad- lol. You can’t use my own cheering news to you to cheer me up!

    tpgoddess- ooo… what’s gold medal ribbon? Sound intriguing. I have a fudge ripple on there, i suppose that must be different.

    Stevo- You’re so freakin’ nice, it isn’t even natural.

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