“Let me feed you for a week.”

My family-type people have been feeling crapacious. We’ve been sick. I’ve been a little sick, a lot of the time. My daughter has been quite sick, sporadically. At grandma’s house, there’s been general malaise. Mom is stressed about losing her job, and she looks like the walking dead.

I probly do, too. Insomnia’s come by for her seasonal visit, and we’ve been up late together a lot of nights, lately. I’ve watched a lot of infomercials. There’s been quality time spent with the cooking channel.

I’ve either formulated this opinion, or learned it by osmosis: Diet is a great big deal for everyone. Winter has created a pasty, pudgy populous, and there’s so much confusion about *what* to eat, and how to eat it, that pre-formulated habits are kind of what most people cling to under the onslaught of information, to escape awful tasting pre-packaged meals.

There’s great cooking, of course. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create some of that Julia Child goodness on the home-front, but… who really keeps all the right ingredients at any time? Who has the time and patience and skill?

Everyone does, once in awhile. But nobody does, all the time.

I think… cooking has to be intuitive. The foundation is knowledge, and that knowledge should be custom-fitted to your priorities in the kitchen. You kinda hafta prioritize, and then learn, and once you learn, then you let yourself go. Like anything you want to do well, build the foundations, then get creative.

Here’s some of my priorities in the kitchen.

1. Tasty food.
2. Nutritious
3. Moderate expense
4. Weight conscious
5. Quick preparation time
6. Easy clean-up

Time related priorities are last on my list, cus I actually do have the time to prepare, refrigerate, plan, and mop up after my culinary explorations. That doesn’t mean it has to take a long time, but I’d rather have a basic knowledge about what is tasty, nutritious and affordable then what is fast.

Anyway, we’re going to try and eat consciously this week and see if we start feeling better. I think I’ll post the day’s menu up, but I’m not going to plan the week out. Besides knowledge, the other part of cooking is listening. The body has different needs at different times, and it’s not a bad idea to take into account what the body is hungry *for*.

But here’s some of the basic staples that will shape the week’s culinary direction:

Salmon fillet (not farm-raised)
Fresh baked bread (pughliese or seminola, from bakery)
Free range chicken (packet of thighs)
Organic eggs
yogurt (we’re trying a kind without corn syrup)
green onions
flax seeds
raisin bran
green apples
angel hair pasta
beef and barley soup
purple grapes
home-made chicken noodle soup
herb-tomato sauce
frozen berries
orange juice
fresh greens

I know this is boring as hell, but indulge me. Monday I’ll start posting what it is we’re going to eat. If it *feels good*, I’ll have something to go back and reference later.


7 thoughts on ““Let me feed you for a week.”

  1. Damn it, Mad, quit stealing my comments before I can get here! I don’t see any exotic spices listed… where’s the chutney, capers, raspberry chipotle and/or Mostarda di Cremona (whatever the hell that is). Look out Aida Mollenkamp and Giada DeLaurentis, here comes Amuirin!

  2. I…am…getting…very…hungry as I read that list.
    I think there should be a branch of the medical profession that comes to the homes of sick people to feed them until they feel better. Yes, the NHA, Nutrition Healers of America. It would be run by volunteers and advertise on the cooking channel with an 800 number.

  3. One question. What time should I be there for din-din?? It all sounds de-lish.

    I’m domesticated and can get all those dishes sparkling clean in a jiffy.

  4. I’ve been rather health conscious the last few months. Being a uber busy, single guy, I cook ahead. On Sunday I buy a bunch of chicken breasts, noodles, etc. and cook a few dishes, or just the ingredients. Into the freezer they go.

    With my limited time for lunch I can grab a frozen, cooked chicken breast, add some fresh veg, and I’m away to a world of speedy culinary delights.

    I look forward to your week of posts.

  5. I think this is a good idea.

    I just spent four days cooking for my SO, three meals a day, and I gotta say, we both felt healthier at the end of it. And we had some fun food, not just healthy stuff. But there was something about it being homemade that improved the experience.

  6. Yum.

    I’ve been feeling not so much sick as just down and out, kind of unmotivated and loagy. (Is that a word?) And I also went to my diet and water. Need more water. And exercise. It’s so hard to treat oneself well. I fell off the wagon yesterday and ate a bunch of vinegar chips. Oh well. Will try harder today.

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