What light by yonder window breaks

I’ve heard rumors that spring is on the way.

This nation shudders under her burgeoning debts, and a bold man stands atop the ruin and tries to reign it all in. I stand hang-dog in front of a dim mirror and survey yesterday’s failures here, in amuirin-world. I wonder, -why?

Why does today hafta be executed like yesterday? Why do I hafta be a weak person? Why don’t I make choices and stick to them? Why don’t I change stuff with the capacity for thoughtful intent granted to the hairless great ape?

Potential is a burden in my hands. I get right to the edge of something, stare at the drop off. The water is warm down below. The fall isn’t long. The journey beyond that point, well.. it’s bound to be interesting.

Why cling to this glacial cliff and watch the world go by?

A deep down fear of orcas? (I’m going with the polar theme, in case I hafta utilize the oh so convenient global warming metaphor later on)

Polar Bears are dying, and I’m writing tripe! Eek!


Go! Go on! Get ‘er done.

8 thoughts on “What light by yonder window breaks

  1. “Potential is a burden in my hands.” It is precisely because the polar bears are dying that I write tripe (in fact, I even defined tripe in my journal entry this morning). Sometimes global issues become so complex that I withdraw completely and accept my ‘weakness’ as a necessary evil to maintain my sanity. I guess I’m suggesting that merely coping with a world bordering on chaos without taking a high-powered rifle into a belltower is, in and of itself, an act of courage.

  2. I think “high powered rifle into a bell tower” refers to the young man who took such a weapon to the bell tower of the University of Texas in late fifties or early sixties and starting picking people off below. My cousin was at the university at that time and in lock-down below. My uncle (a sheriff) drove 90 miles and joined other law enforcement officers to bring him down. Just a little hokey Texas background.

    No doubt Vonnegut has used that, too, and maybe put it to words, as only he could do.

  3. Don’t worry about the polar bears: They’re not dead, only sleeping.

    They say look before you leap. Sometimes it’s better/more fun to be blindfolded and let The Fates have their way with you.

  4. Amuirin, Anhinga is correct, I was referring to the incident at UT which she referred to. The only place I know of where Vonnegut referenced a bell tower is in his satire, “Long Walk To Forever”, and then, it was only in passing. I just meant that most of us find ways of looking into the abyss and finding ways to forego leaping into the lurch– and usually cowardice, in its purest sense, has less to do with our decision than common sense. Relax… I don’t think your art suffers too much for it.

  5. Every ones responses are right on for me, hell I’ll even throw one in at the end. Every one has their own reasoning behind the reasons they write, shoot (photos),sculpt ,(whether in clay or mashed potatoes is up to them), paint (don’t even get me going on the guy that paints pastoral paintings while grabbing his many shades of browns and greens from the cow patties in the pastures he’s paining.) Or what ever form of expression they feel is right for them.

    Bob’s right. You have more courage than you think. You have to, to keep baring your self on here the way you do.

    “We can, because we must!”


    “the pen is mightier than the sword. Especially when you jam it into someones juggler and break it off”

    (i admit that the last one isn’t fully mine. Just something paraphrased)

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