5 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. Does the “Grawg” mean you have a headache?
    The size of sighs can confer meaning, but a grawg can be confusing.
    Now if you would have written “Grok” under “•sigh•” I would have a completely different response.
    I would be solely focused on the “sigh”— trying to empathize, and relate like only a stranger in a strange land can understand.

  2. leah- yeah, ‘grawg’ is kind of my all purpose sound of disgust, distress or frustration. but it’s interesting, as you point out, how a single letter my alter the whole aura. ;)

    anhinga- ‘and you expel bored air’ heh.. you write my post, next time I’m in a grawg-y mood, deal?

    Bob- No, no… I wanna see this torment upon torment uttering. Don’t back out now!

    mad- Hear freakin’ hear.

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