A New Coat of Paint

After a few long, persuasive discussions, I’ve earned carte blanche to spiffy up my living space, within reason.

Alleluia. There are two months in the calendar that seem to call for emergency measures of some sort- at least in my experience. Those two months are November and February. The beginning and the end of the big dark.

So. Soo… with a little extra cash that will be blessing my account for the next few weeks, paint will be bought! Wall paint, and also some sort of craft paint, because I’m going to take my black-wood mini book-case and add some self-crafted stenciling in vaguely african-inspired designs to the corners and edges.

And after the clearing out, the painting, and the (cheaply updated, thanks to craft bizarre) artwork, then I will shop for a new computer desk.

I have a gorgeous, gigantic wooden desk that I bought four months before moving the last time. It ended up at my dad’s place. It wouldn’t fit through the doorways here, truth be told. But I miss that huge expanse of solid, heavy wood. It was a real desk. A life-long sort of piece of furniture.

The next one is going to hafta be more petite. And I need a *really good chair*. Sitting indian-style on an old discarded kitchen chair is starting to make callouses on the sides of my feet.

That ain’t sexy.

It’s odd, but this stuff is like nesting. We have lived here at the coast in a sort of chronic state of impermanence. I always expected I’d head back to the bigger city, eventually, after Americorps was over, and then there were men. The possibility- always a step or two ahead that we might move. That I might move in with someone, or move away, or-

I’m not ready though. Yay! After four years here, I’ve decided we can stay awhile. What do you want to bet after I’ve done all this work, and actually fully moved in, I’ll end up actually moving out within 12 months?

Nonetheless, it’s exciting. It’s exciting because I’m so sick of white I could retch cottonballs. White walls, ancient white computer desk. Yeesh. Maybe I’ll work better with a more relatable work space. Or maybe I’ll just goof off better, don’t care.

Also- color! Nice. Something to warm and brighten fed-upruary, as Ombudsben put it.

So here’s my question to you, weeblets: What color do you think I should paint my room?


8 thoughts on “A New Coat of Paint

  1. Myself I like dark cream, you could always go cream but choose one wall to paint in a dark, bold colour, a red of some kind but I think you want colour so I suggest duckegg blue or yellow, a warm, soft yellow so you’ve always got the sun.

  2. Well, I went crazy with color when we bought the house we’re currently in. Cobalt blue in the kitchen, a bright yellow in the dining room, color-washed clay pot (a bright orange-red) in the living room, Key West blue in one bedroom, purple in another. Sage green in one bathroom, a variety of colors (cream, red, and a forest green) in the other. Only one room remains without all that color. Our youngest son wanted black walls. Since I didn’t want to deal with repainting black walls when he grew up and moved out, he settled for white walls and black trim. It’s actually sort of restful to walk into that black & white room that is now another spare bedroom where we put some of our black & white artwork.

    So, I guess, what I’m saying here is I’m probably not a good one to ask. lol!

    Have fun with it, whatever colors you decide on. :)

  3. I’m going to agree with johemmant about the yellow. My living room, dining room, and bedroom are yellow. What a spirit lifter! If it can give us a lift in Florida, think what it will do in your neck of the woods. There are so many shades, green based, orange based, so find a few you like (whatever color you choose) and buy small amounts to paint large patches. That way you’ll see the color in your light. My favorite lost to a runner up once I saw it on the wall. It’s worth the extra effort.

  4. I hate painting. I don’t care what color walls are. Then again that’s me. I could live in a cave and as long as there is central air, electricity, and internet. You women always trying to prettify everything.

  5. I’ve long felt that a medium smeck coordinated with a bold raslin would give a room everything necessary for creative thinking. Yea… smeck and raglin… uh-huh.

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