Roll over

D.R.M died late Tuesday night from complications of demanding an answer his best friend wasn’t ready to give. All parties involved in the collision suffered scrapes and contusions. The b.f. was taken to Busted Heart hospital and is in critical care. Police are investigating to determine who is responsible for this grave tragedy. Karma, Fate and the inherently fucked up nature of February have been implicated.

Personally, I blame the dog.

10 thoughts on “Roll over

  1. Corina- Now lets just hope the jurors are as sensible as we are.

    Bo- Truly, I donno. Maybe it’s cus February is a short month. Maybe it’s developed something of a Napolean complex.

  2. Fed-up-ruary sucks because December got Christmas, the solstice is way the fuck off in June, and March gets the hopeful equinocks.

    Fibbb-ruary is tediously cold, tediously dark, a couple dead presidents and a ritual-laden form-bound Hallmark holiday designed to let 90% of the planet feel they’re missing out somewhere, whilst the other 10 & don’t need the cupidity, anyway.

  3. Am., birthdays should still be fun for you. It’s only when your joints creak so much that when you get out of bed it sounds like you’re making popcorn that the accumulation of birthdays is really a bother.

    I think it’s time for you to go get some very good salmon, a favorite wine, and a decadent dessert and make the most of it.


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