My recent search terms

The most colorful search terms that brought people to Stop & Wander during the last week of January:

aberration pussy assYes. Well. May as well start with a bang.

underwearlessThe technical term is ‘commando’.

shark shaped cerealA bite in every bite.

guy licking womans faceHis name was mocku, and it wasn’t just the women. Men, too. Puppies. The occasional volkswagen.

june 11 “day of the limit pusher” I’m marking it down with red ink.

giantess fartthus was coined the term ‘gusto’

brazillian tanga string pantrysDarling, darling, You’re confused. Sit. Rest. But not too close to the giantess…

“cats are bastards” poemI *must* have one!

arooo This was just adorable.

genghis khan penisYou mean, someone else share s my curiosity about the marauder’s member? What are the odds?.

celebrities struck by lightning If I had to guess: Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise all show hints of voltage overload.

we don’t want to bug youmi cocoon, su cocoon

trees spatial rhythmPothead sighting! 3 o’clock!

can i give my rabbit cuttlefish to gnaw the horror, the horror~!

beargrease medicinalas I understand it, a foul but competent laxative.

photo of what hell looks likeAnd you see this blog as an obvious resource…

fishnet buttA rather distant cousin of the mermaid.

my fear is your remorseI’d like to introduce you to my friend, the giantess.

muppit sexOf all the typos of all man’s collective history and painstaking endeavor, this strikes me as the most ludicrous.

k. sneezyGood Lord! How did you discover my ultra-secret rapper name?

funny people were talkingOh. That’s how.


11 thoughts on “My recent search terms

  1. How dull is my blog? I am found by search terms like green polka dot shoes, Hansel & Gretle oven and pink sky. I’ll bet psychologists could devise a pretty accurate personality test based on our search terms. You don’t even want to think which category they would fit you in. :-)

  2. Mad is right on the money… this is funny as hell, especially your interpretation of the search terms. I laughed out loud, bringing my wife running. Just great…

  3. Muppit sex HA! wait…Ummm…that wasn’t me.

    Anyways, your wondering why some of those linked to your site. I saw your answers to Steal This Meme, and If I copied and pasted your Bazzooms bit on to my page I’m sure I’d quadruple my current hit rate. I really don’t know how you get from “generous jugs” to “aberration pussy ass” but I’m sure some search engine made the connection somewhere. I do have to agree about the whole Cuttlefish thing though. Ugh.

  4. Did you really have a cats are bastards poem? How did I miss that one?

    You have interesting search terms – but fabulous answers. Have you thought of a book deal. Surely you could come up with suitable title…

  5. I’m taking the giantess fart book idea into semi-serious consideration. Maybe it could at least be a blog post.

    Thanks all, I’m glad you found the searches entertaining. I do sorta bait them. Guilty.

    That’s it! I *knew* that ‘day of the limit pusher’ was familiar, David, but I couldn’t recall why or where. It was you that told me that was your b-day, and you got that characterization from something. I didn’t remember writing it on the blog, though.

    Nope, I haven’t had a ‘cats are bastards’ poem, Bo. But someone should definitely write one.

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