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I got this idea from red Ravine,  from the comment section on ybonesy’s post, “The Discipline Of Isabel Allende“.  anuvuestudio asked, “If you wrote your own life story yb, and it became a screenplay, who could you see playing you?”

Well I thought about that myself, but it’s a pretty difficult one to answer. I thought it would be fun to take a crack at casting my blog circle for their Hollywood debut.

Some of these came to me pretty easily, some took some thinking, and a few are pure shots in the dark. If you’d like, add a comment telling me who *you’d* cast as yourself. I’m still thinking about which actress I’d have represent me.

*note- I took actors and actresses from all different time periods. The age of the actors listed would probably best correlate to whatever landmark role comes to mind when you hear their name.

Results may vary. :)

aefiel –  Jen Yu

Julie– Laura Linney

anhinga – Joan Blondell

Bob – Robert Duvall

Jo – Deborah Kerr

Lazy Buddhist – Carrie Fischer

ybonesy – Karen Allen

Robin–  Meryl Streep

Bo– Holly Hunter

Christina– Bridget Monyahan 

Brad– Nicholas Cage

David– Kevin Kline

Jaynova – Breckin Meyer

Corina – Madeline Stowe

Jules – Jackie Chan

mercury – Tom Hulce

Stevo – Ray Liotta

Norm– Chris Cooper

Rao– Jeremy Piven

lea kelley – Blythe Danner

Mad – Dylan McDermott

Rick Mobbs- Liam Neeson

varasca – Stephen Dillane

Ombudsben– Patrick Stewart

wookie- Michael Cudlitz


27 thoughts on “Your Hollywood Debut

  1. Definitely fun! I can’t quite place mine. I think I’ve seen her but I checked IMDB and I haven’t seen anything that she’s in! Oh well, if I can’t have Salma, then I’ll go with your pick!

  2. Jeremy Piven? Really? I’d think some one more like Kevin Smith if he would shave off his hair and loose a little weight. Or maybe Michael Chiklis though he isn’t even closely geeky enough.

    For you, amuirin, I’m thinking Liv Tyler, or Summer Glau. I could also say Jewel Staite but that would be to many Firefly references in one post.

  3. darn, i’m lacking some fundamentals, here! who the hell is Stephen Villane??? i found a Stephen Dillane who, in some pics, reminds me of myself somehow, but unfortunately i haven’t seen any of the films he’s acted, this post of yours made me realize i still have to see “welcome to Sarajevo”, for example :-)
    thanks, i’m sure he’d be a good varasca, if you say so!

  4. Thanks a lot, girl… I just got a cease-and-desist order from Robert Duval’s legal team, barring any further comparisons between myself and their client, under penalty of a severe censure. I suppose I can legitimately assume that they may not necessarily agree with your assessment, and probably for good reason, although Mr. Duval and myself are rapidly-aging caucasian males with sparse amounts of hair on our pates and hints of southern drawl when animated. There all comparisons would likely end. :>)

  5. Bob! *hug* hi, hi. Well… like I said, some of these were shots in the dark- still, I think the talented Mr. Duval could give you a sporting try.

    I loved him in Secondhand Lions. It sure is good to see your name here. :)))

    Jaynova- *that* was an easy one. You sometimes post videos of you, though, so it was altogether easier to get a concept of your aura, so to speak.

    varasca– You’re right, you’re right… I misspelled Mr. Dillane’s name. He’s a chameleon sort, a very limber actor who might do you justice, save, I think, he comes off a bit serious and you are more a personality that likes to laugh. That is my impression.

    David– It’s funny you should say Claire Danes. I thought about her when I was trying to come up with someone for me. I don’t know… I really don’t know how apt she’d be, but when I see her in something, and I’ve remarked on this- she seems like an Engstrom. (my mom’s clan)…she has facial features and coloring which make her very familiar looking to me. She has a family face.

    Aeromancer– Liv Tyler? You beautiful man. I *wish*. I think she is absolutely gorgeous. We do have similar body types, and she has that soft, hesitant way of talking. The other two, I just don’t see. They’re far too thin and… I donno. I like watching Summer Glau but …nah.

    And btw, I *LOVED* Kevin Smith in Catch and Release. Omigod. I don’t see any of you in him, though. Different energy. Maybe the Shield guy, never watched- but Jeremy Pivens- the way he talks and laughs- you may not look alike at first glance, but there’s definitely a *feel* a way of moving and talking about him that reminds me of you. Even if it’s been years since I saw you in person, I remember- especially when you were on a laughing jag.

  6. Corina– Madeleine Stowe was incredibly popular for a brief time. She appeared in everything for a couple years, then sort of drifted out of the public eye. One of her films was ‘Even Cowgirls get the Blues’. She has a very serene aura, and a low, modulated voice.

    J- Oh Yes, I can see Laura Dern when I think of it, but when I was brainstorming this, I immediately thought of Linney. This kinda exercise is intriguing to me cus I find out how people’s perceptions of the online persona are similar and how they contrast. At least Linney never had to cope with velociraptors. :)

    mad- you and ybonesy, for some reason the two of you I had all these possibilities for, none of them exactly right, and I went with one. But the three stooges didn’t make your list. Other possibilities included David Duchovny, the brown-eyed guy from Resident evil (crewes?) And at one point, Laurence Olivier as he was portrayed in Wuthering Heights across from Merle Oberon.

    Quite a list.

    tpgoddess– I thought yours was perfect, too. I don’t know why, but that impression was a strong one. Bridget Monyahon in I, Robot to be exact.

    ybonesy– Okay, here are some other contenders from your list: Frances McDormand, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sofia Milos and Anabella Sciorra (who, btw should have been cast in the lead for ‘Deep End of the Ocean’ instead of Michelle Pfeifer cus she *is* that part, and whoever missed that must not have read the book)

    But Karen Allen… as seen in Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, she seemed the right choice.

    *I* would kind of like to be someone she could be cast as. Her or Kristin Scott Thomas.

    But there’s that whole little issue of reality.

  7. A whole slew of great ideas here, Am. Like some others here I didn’t recognize the actor’s name that you associated with me… but I looked him up and have seen him, Chris Cooper, in various roles.

    He is typically cast in hard-edge, didactic, military / gov’t agent parts and I’m more a softer, gentler personality. Looks wise if I were to shave my beard off we could be similar as he has an ‘everyman’ look about him and I’m dead plain without the beard.

    Funny though how some of your picks clicked right away with how I imagine some of these folks to be. Good one.

    and yes, very good to see Bob checking in. :-)

  8. “Liv Tyler? You beautiful man. I *wish*.”

    It wasn’t any one roll that made me think she would be a great you. It was everything rolled into one. The other two just kinda had that little something. Just a spark that made me think hmmm they COULD do it if Liv wasn’t available.

    You must not know me as well as your remember or you don’t know Kevin Smith very well. His sense of humor borders on perversity. Hell borders on? It shoots way past it, And I think humor is one of my defining characteristics.

    Jeremy Pivens- Bahhh The only reason you picked him was his portrayal of Trevor Hale/Cupid back in ’99.

    Michael Chiklis Could play me. He is good enough. I’m thinking back to when he was the Commish.

  9. this will probably be the only time i say this today but ‘who is tom hulce?’

    *googles name*

    oooh, that tom hulce, don’t know of him and I am so not like him… not that many other names are coming to mind right now for actors most like me.

  10. Check ,will do Am.
    I’m still trying to think who could play me and will let you know if I come up with anyone. Stan Laurel maybe??

  11. Well, I’ve never seen Anabella Sciorra in a movie (or elsewhere), and I’m only vaguely familiar with Sophia (wow, I wish I looked evenly slightly close enough to her to be a fit), but I love Frances McDormand. Yep, I’ll cast her. 8)

    Also, Claire Danes is perfect for you, amuirin. Or…Michelle Williams? What do you think? Or Maggie Gyllenhaal. Someone introspective, strong, a sort of good heart but not simply sweet. More than that.

  12. deborah kerr is way too gentile and gentle for me. I have no idea who’d be me, but I love Diane Keaton. As for you, mmmm, yes ybonesy said who I’d have: Claire Danes, cooky, arty, vibrant, I love her head tilt.

  13. Awwwp!! As my fellow former Minnesotan Bob Dylan once sang, “it ain’t me, babe!”

    But the cinematic surrogate search is an amusing thought.

    (Oddly, a coworker of mine once met Stewart. His sister dated him. While the 4 of them were up in the Sierra foothills their vehicle broke down, and the AAA guy was quite struck by helping get the interstellar captain back on the road … )

  14. Wow! Carrie Fischer. I’m flattered. I love her dry sense of humor and her ability to bring the funny to even the most absurd situations.

    Jules as Jackie Chan!? I’m not sure where you got that from, but it makes me smile just to think of it.

  15. Meryl Streep? Really? Wow. Very flattering. But then I tend to see myself as, well, you don’t want to know. My picture is not nearly as flattering.

    As always, you’re very good at this matching business. :)

    I think Claire Danes is a good pick for you, too.

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