Please pardon my tendency to fall off the edge of the earth…


I haven’t been blogging lately. Many people take time off around holidays and such, but I’m terribly attached to my writing friends, and really it’s just been the confluence of several events- physical, romantic and brief familial conflict that has knocked me off the boards for a bit and stopped me visiting all of you.

I anticipate resolution. I mean, it’s New Years and everything, so.

Enough about me, how are *you*?!?

I can probably find out to some degree by visiting your little acreage of weeble real-estate and catching up. That will be fun. Did some of you make resolutions? I bet there were some doozies. I wonder how the holidays went in your many, varied worlds?

Did your families drive you batshit? Did anyone get a crazy gift?

My brother and his girlfriend gave each other an ‘extreme’ cooking class. Together, they will explore the wonders of Haggis, Rocky Mountain Oysters and sauteed crickets.

I think that’s a very unique brand of romance. I also feel sad for the crickets.

I had one resolution: To try to stop keeping people I love at arm’s length.

This probably makes more sense to me than it will to most anyone reading. It’s also not necessarily doable just because a resolution was formed, but hey… it’s a worthy cause, and if I fail, I also woulda failed at my runner up resolution, which was to give up goodies till my ass resembles Karolina Kurkova’s.

That just wasn’t a sensible goal-post. I’m going to need chocolate. Bank on it.

Deeper musings can keep till later. I hope all of weebledom is faring fantastically well.

Have you kissed a baby squirrel today?



13 thoughts on “Please pardon my tendency to fall off the edge of the earth…

  1. As you know, the weather did a number on us and our Christmas. I fell on the ice on the 24th and broke my tail bone and it still hurts like hell. So I’ve been laying low. Haven’t left the house in a week. I feel a lot older than just one year older.

  2. No resolutions, per se, but we are getting to some long-talked-about ideas. I’ll write a post about those sometime soon.

    QM and I took off for the holidays, although QM did a few spontaneous posts. Now, today, house cleaning. Amazing how dirty the house can get when you don’t lift a finger to clean it for two weeks.

  3. “I had one resolution: To try to stop keeping people I love at arm’s length.”
    Sometimes it can be good to keep people out of Arm’s Way.
    I’m glad your back.

  4. No baby squirrels around to be kissed today.

    Welcome back, Am.

    I’m good, thanks. Made a few resolutions (I label them as goals but it’s all the same in the end, I guess). Hit that thousand mile mark (my walked goal for last year) just in time to set another walking goal of another thousand or so miles.

  5. Hey, glad to see you back. I’ve been missing you.

    Liked your book post – care to dish on the music you’re listening to these days?

    We were shocked yesterday when two squirrels were driving our dogs crazy in the backyard. Not sure that they were babies but it was too bloody cold for them to be out there – they shoulda been hibernating.

  6. no baby squirrels kissed today.

    as for resolutions, they were many and they were bold, however they were not made whilst sober.

  7. I have yet to think of resolutions. There are several I should make, but the idea of a list is daunting.

    I haven’t kissed a baby squirrel, but I did eat some interesting roast duck sushi. Purists would be up in arms.

  8. I think my most important resolution this year is “To develop a super power.”

    The holidays were pretty uneventful, which is a good thing. No fighting, no accidents.

  9. There’s a young possum who thumps outside the bedroom door each evening demanding a feed. I suppose I could try kissing it but possum claws aren’t as cute as the rest of their furry little bodies. I didn’t make any resolutions this year apart from a sigh of relief that 2008 is over with. My favorite resolution a few years ago was to score a role in a Star Trek episode.

  10. No squirrel kissing, though we have plenty around here. No resolutions, though I plan to keep flossing.

    I like your idea of stopping with the ‘arms length’ thing. Easier said than done, huh?

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