Happy Christmas, Weeblekind

Happy Christmas, Weeblekind!
You know you are the greatest best,
and Happy Christmas to your herd
or flock or pride or pack (or guests).

I hope you get a Christmas smile
a Christmas hug, a Christmas wish;
I hope your presents merely serve
as bonus to your happiness.

I wish you all a happy year,
a happy time, all full of write.
I wish you all a lot of laughs,
a lot of love and happy nights.

For once, I think I’ll simply skip
petitions for my Christmas tax
(O.k., you didn’t send me gifts…
this once I will forgive you that.)

But in the year that’s yet to come
I do present this crucial plea:
Keep hope and patience in your heart
(and don’t let me write poetry).


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



13 thoughts on “Happy Christmas, Weeblekind

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too, Am.

    I like your poetry. :)

    And if you email your address to me, I’ll send you a gift. It’s an experimental thing, but I think you might like it. (Sorry, can’t say more than that right now.)

  2. All the best to you as well, Am….. and don’t dis your poetry. A work in progress is better than none at all. Still another area to apply your brilliant mind!!
    Gotta admit though I’ve missed your regular postings but understand life comes first, blogging second. Ya do what you can, right.
    Enjoy the holidays!!

  3. Amuirin – Best wishes for the Holidays, and the year to come.

    Poetry???? Ah, ya might as well keep writing it. We’ve grown to love you and your poetry too.

  4. Happy Holidays, amuirin.

    There’s nothing wrong with your poetry. I wish I had that skill. When I try to write a poem it sound like the lamentations of a disturbed and love-lorn 16 year-old. That’s bad poetry.

  5. As Santa wanders, hope he stops at your place. And if the fat old man needs a light to guide him, perhaps you would serve him better than Rudolph. As such a bright spot in the Bloggersphere, you surely could guide his sleigh tonight. I’ll be counting on it. Hey, don’t miss us down here in Florida. You can spend tomorrow on the beach.

  6. merry christmas to you amuirin! i’m late but i’ve heard there are still 12 days to christmas ;) have a happy wonderous holiday! and dont stop writing poetry!!
    with lotsa love and hugs, sui

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