Throwing Shoes at the President


I can’t help it. I feel a little sorry for the President. I know he doesn’t deserve it, after being a puppet of corporate interests for 8 years, and messing shit up horribly for the next generation, but I’m moronically soft-hearted toward an underdog, and this guy is such an object of ridicule now, I feel sorta bad.

Nonetheless, I watched the video of him getting shoes thrown at his head with much glee, over and over. If you can say nothing else for Senor Bush, it must be admitted that his reflexes aren’t too shabby for a washed out old monkey.

It appeals to my sense of the ridiculous that a journalist lobbed his shoes at the president’s head, during his ultra-grave, super-secret mission to Iraq (a last ditch effort to look like he’s actually done something from the oval office). I mean, haven’t we all kinda wanted to throw something at this guy from time to time? What I particularly enjoyed is that, though the S.S. jumped him and brought the Cairo journalist down, he managed to get both shoes launched off as projectiles before anyone interfered. And there was a pretty lengthy pause in between, too. Deep down, subconsciously, I think everyone at the proceeding was leaning toward seeing if the dude could nail Mr. B with the second loafer, since the first one sailed over. 

Not to say everyone gathered had hostile intentions toward the big buffoon we elected to office, twice; I’m just saying there may have been an entertainment factor in play. You know, the same sort of observational impulse that overtakes onlookers at a shooting gallery. Whatever the case, here’s what the fella said to our president as he launched the tootsie missiles at his bulbous target: 

“This is a farewell kiss, you dog!”

And here is President Bush’s carefully considered, concise response to questions about the incident.

“Uh, it is one way to gain attention. Uh, it’s like going to a political rally and having people yell at you. It’s like driving down the street and having people not gesturing with all five fingers…”

(i can’t stop laughing at that last little gem)


12 thoughts on “Throwing Shoes at the President

  1. I hadn’t seen the video, had only heard about the event, and I have to say I’m pretty speechless. I can see what you mean about feeling a wee bit sad for the guy, but man, has he been an idiotic and dangerous president.

  2. I certainly didn’t feel sorry for him. Too bad he ducked just right.

    This was a trip to “say goodbye” and it was on taxpayer dollars! Why couldn’t he just send them a webcam goodbye?

  3. I think that the actions of the journalist show us, the Americans,how much they are satisfied with our presence in Iraq. If the President is welcomed by the Iraq’s with shoes, then I believe it is time for him and his troops to come back to where they belong.

  4. LOL!! I’m with David! And no, not an ounce of sympathy can I elicit for him. It’s quite fitting that this Iraqi journalist insulted him in the gravest way for their culture. That shows the utter contempt this man inspires everywhere he goes. Frankly, it makes me laugh. and also sad, because he represented us for 8 loooong years.

  5. I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him. While he’s out shucken and jivven, his minions are doing their best to mess up democracy even more before they leave.

  6. Amuirin, can’t you imagine how Whig and Marianne might have gone around about this one?

    For whadditsworth, the Egyptian journalist said different things with each shoe. You have the first shoe comment right. With the second shoe-chuck, he said something about throwing it for all the Iraqi orphans and widows Bush had created.

    While I see and agree with your feelings of sympathy for Dubya, when I think of the orphans and widows of many countries, Iraq, the US and elsewhere, I can’t really feel sorry for him as he rides off into the sunset and a lucrative multimillion dollar life on corporate boards.

    Better the money he gets went to the widows and orphans, and he spent time in a cell as a war criminal.

  7. I was amazed at his good reflexes. But I guess you have to have good reflexes if you’re going to make as many enemies as he did.

    I love David’s idea. lol!

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