Naw, I donno what it means. It just seemed like the word to fit the picture. So I’m going to draft my own definition.

zeuflin. a pattern or knot of color or energy that draws the eye’s focus toward a central point.


Shall we do another?

Well, if you’re certain.


Two cats are currently breaking my ‘stay off the bed’ policy. They look angelic and purrrfect while breaking the rules, and not like the little furbags of fleas and pestilence I just know they are. Maybe I should give up the fight to maintain a cat-free zone, but consider this: Would you walk around in a cat litter-box and then climb into bed?

No? Me either. I don’t mind soiling my coverlets with my monkey-ickiness. I am a great ape, and my monkey-ickiness must, of necessity, go where I go. But this is a whole other species of ick. This is feline ick comingling with my monkey soil.


 Maybe I better not think about  it too much.

 Yesterday I started reading  ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; A  Year of Food Life’ by Barbara  Kingsolver. Yesterday a boy  made me cry. Yesterday a boy  also made me laugh.

 I think my rebel kitties ought    to go take their cuteness and feline ickiness to a boy’s coverlet, and leave me in peace to brood on the symbolic relationship between subsidized soybeans and love affairs.





13 thoughts on “zeufli

  1. I am much intrigued by the pictures. Would it seem insupportably ignorant to ask what they are?

    Cats on and in the bed are the most reliable pleasure of my home life. But I have never been a believer in soil-segregation, and no flea has ever come near my expensive spotted designer feline companions.

  2. I like the top picture. It has a sense of flow to it. The second one I don’t like. Maybe it’s the color; not sure but there is something about it that made me go “ugghhh!”

    I like my kitty in my bed. She keeps me company, whether I need it or not. She comes for me to pet her when I’m down, distracting me from my depression. Then when I’m in a good mood, she comes to celebrate it with me. Yeah, I really hate all the fur she leaves behind but I’d rather have to wash my sheets and quilt cover a gazillion times a week than to not have her in my bed.

  3. David- Not in the least. There is an option in the iTunes program to get a visual of the music while it plays. The program creates patterns that change in relation to the music, kind of an endless progression. It’s a bit like watching a laser light show.

    I took screenshots of some of those patterns I thought were cool.

    Corina- Your kitty sounds like a very nice kitty. A lot of people who are owned by cats seem to feel it is the kitty’s due to have carte blanche over bed and napping locations. May I humbly submit my hypothesis that this is indicative of the sinister campaign of mind control exercised by the little fuzzballs to gain dominion over all man-kind?

    Cus…well… it is.

    Ron- Ok. I see it. But it’s a very pretty take on mucous, if that’s the case. Hope you feel better.

    aefiel- I wish I could get you a kitten, one with a lifetime guarantee to last and be strong. Yours was so sweet and tiny. I’d miss him too.

  4. I, who am germaphobic, cannot nap without at least one kitty. All I have to say is, “Come take a nap with Mommy, Luther,” and he emerges from his secret place. Of course, he is not responding to me. NO, he just happens to want to perch on my bed at that time. God forbid a cat should respond to a human call. He doesn’t even look at me, doesn’t know I’m there. So we keep this little ruse between ourselves and I sleep on a bed with cat cooties and am honored. :-)

  5. I’m intrigued by that book, and would be interested to hear what you think. I haven’t read it yet. I LOVED The Bean Trees, Pigs in Heaven, and Animal Dreams, so much that I wrote a Kingsolver a letter in the mail and everything. Loved. Then came The Poisonwood Bible, which didn’t really do it for me, and now I’m not sure how I feel about her. I love her stories, and I agree with her politics, but sometimes I feel like she’s preaching to me, which turns me off.

    Anyone else feel like that? Hmmm.

  6. I would love a kitty in/on my bed. A dog would be my first choice. Instead, I have a stuffed pig. It isn’t dirty or carrying fleas, but doesn’t purr, bark, or give kisses.

  7. Anhinga- Having seen the noble Luther in pictures on your blog, I can totally see that scenario playing out in my imagination. As I type this, Gracie has just been once more evicted from the bed. She has her back turned, and is licking her paw, with a sort of pointed nonchalance, but her tail is swishing to indicate the grievous insult recently delivered…

    I feel chastised.

    Robin- Do not go gently into that fuzzy night! Rage, rage against the…

    oh, who am I kidding? At least they’re *cute* heartless dictators.

    J- I had similar reactions to all the books you listed that you did. Is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle one that verges on preachy?

    Yeah. Yes. It does, in certain places, definitely. It’s their family project for a year, and I get the feeling sometimes she’s trying to get the reader on board in the same way she might be trying to get her kids into the project. But it’s also pretty interesting so far (I’ve read 60 pages), and I’m guessing you probably know a lot of what’s in here already, with your personal takes on good food, and the reading you’ve already done on the subject. Eating locally is their challenge, and she does delve into that in an entertaining manner.

    If you loved Kingsolver’s early fiction, you might try another of her books that I just loved. It’s a book of essays rather than fiction, titled ‘High Tide in Tucson’. I have trouble deciding whether Animal Dreams or High Tide is my favorite Kingsolver book. I read both of them during a hard time, doling out the individual essays in High Tide like jules to crown some gloomy days. Reading it slowly like that brought out the best of the book. There’s beauty in each chapter, and humor, and not much preaching, just honesty. It’s a very good book.

    Stevo- Aw. You sleep with a stuffed pig! That’s just… precious.

  8. I loved “Bean Trees by Kingsolver” (her first, wasn’t it?). The others have seemed a bit preachy to me, too. So much so I haven’t read them. I will definiely try “High Tide in Tuscon.” I think I will like her essays. “Animal Dreams” is probably still in my bookshelf. Will have to bend the spine. Yes, I always bend the spine. How else can you really read a book?
    On a related note, I enjoyed the first book Joyce Carole Oates wrote, but later ones have gotten too wordy for me.

  9. Just give in, Am. They’ve got you. There is no shame in being their slave. The whole point in having kitties is to share your bed with them, when they’ll have you. It’s gotten to the point with me I can’t go to sleep until Sasquatch has washed my hand thoroughly with his raspy tongue (and yes, I know where it has been). But, it’s our routine. He hears me get into bed and comes trundling into the bed room, jumps up on the bed with a mighty thud, licks the hand and then purrs me asleep. Once I am very drowsy he then tippy toes to the foot of the bed for the rest of the night. It makes me drowsy just thinking about it.

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